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  1. AndroKei

    [OPEN] Otterbear Design Auction--$15USD SB!

    Gonna give an auction a try... never done one before, only flat-sales in the past. This otterbear girl is up for auction! I accept USD PayPal only. I can hold the design for up to 3 days before I will require payment from the winner. Read about the otterbear species here! www.furaffinity.net...
  2. AndroKei

    Blocking: What does and doesn't it do?

    What exactly does blocking a user on FA prevent them from doing? What can they still do? I tried looking in the knowledgebase link but it tells me it's down/being updated, so I have no idea where to find the answer to this.
  3. AndroKei

    Flat-Priced CYOP Unicorn Adopts!

    www.furaffinity.net: [4/4 OPEN] Flat-Priced CYOP Adopts--$6-$8! by AndroKei Flat-priced choose your own palette adopts for sale! USD PayPal only. #1: Winged kirin $8USD. #2: Broken unicorn $7USD. #3: Butterfly pegasus $7USD. #4: Scaled kirin $6USD. I also offer customs with this base...
  4. AndroKei

    [OPEN] PWYW Animated Icons

    I am taking four slots for PWYW YCH icons using this base. These are PWYW with a minimum of $6USD and will be flat-colored. You will receive one 600x600 and 100x100 file. This base comes with one long- and two short-haired options. I reserve the right to decline an offer if I feel I can't do...