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  1. Moonlit_Legacy


    www.furaffinity.net: FREE ISERAFI MYO EVENT OPEN by Moonlit_Afterdark If anyone was interested in some fluffy new characters for the holidays!
  2. Moonlit_Legacy

    Horror-Themed Adoptables

    Collaborated with the supernatural/ horror comic Foxes with Machine Guns coming out on the 31st to make these three Iserafi! $10 each via PayPal. Zane- OPEN ren- OPEN oni- OPEN
  3. Moonlit_Legacy

    Hello from the most generic fox you'll ever meet

    Hey, I'm Ash. I'm from the United States, I go by they/them, I'm 23, and I work as a copywriter. Though I've been in the furry game for a few years, I remade my account and am trying something new. I'm shy and a little foolish, but I'm trying to reach out to others in the fandom and meet people...
  4. Moonlit_Legacy

    I'm raffling a character for free!

    She's a closed species called an Iserafi, and if you want a chance to get her for free, all you have to do is watch me and comment here: www.furaffinity.net: FREE Iserafi Raffle Reminder-Win this character! by Moonlit_Afterdark