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  1. BrennanTheWolfy

    I just build my first computer!

    I just built my first computer! Hello everyone! I don't know if any of you would care to hear it, but I just got done building my first computer! It took me about two days to get it fully functioning, but this is the first post Ive made from her. She has an AMD Phenon X4 Processor that I...
  2. BrennanTheWolfy

    Ohhaidere! I'm from Illinois!

    Hey! I'm a furfag from Illinois who has been in the fandom for nearly half a year now! I've heard people on podcasts, friends on msn, and just other random furfags bitch about how much I should make an account here, so I did. I usualy express my furfaggotry on another forum, but I guess I should...