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  1. Jack

    Rocky Mountain Fur Con 2011

    me and my BF will be attending! :3
  2. Jack

    What cheers you up on your bad days?

    weed... ER!.. BUTT SEX!!!... I MEAN... UM UM... UNICORNS?
  3. Jack

    Cooking Thread

    I made A fettucini chicken Alfredo all from scratch today :D I cut the noodles a little too thick Q.Q but the sauce was killer! :D oh well, that's why I'm going to culinary school to learn how to cook the right way! ^//^ no picky tho Q.Q I eated it too fast! XP
  4. Jack

    The Most Unique Character

    Nick is a fox nothing really unique about that part... what makes him unique is what went wrong/right with his chromosomes. Nick is an albino red fox, so he gets to pick and choose his fur color and patterns at will by dyeing them on. I guess that makes him unique VV but that is for y'all to...
  5. Jack

    Future Fursuiters of the World out there?

    I will be getting my suit sometime this year, I'v already drawn up my designs, taken measurements & saved around $2000. Im going to try for mixed candy, or one fur all studios.
  6. Jack

    Furries are obsessed with porn

    why throw a fit about it? if you dont like it, dont look at it. (simple as that) I personally like it, not entirely for the sexual aspect. I also enjoy the artistic part of it.
  7. Jack

    What is your sexual orientation

    I'm open to whoever is intrested and attractive enough.
  8. Jack

    Furry Fiesta: Disco Infurno! Feb. 25 - 27, 2011 - Addison, TX

    I will be attending, aswell as my two friends whom have been begging to tag along with me.
  9. Jack

    Furs By Species 3

    multi fursona owner. 1: fox 2: wolf 3: tiger 4: snake 5: bat 6: skunk 7: thylacine 8: leopard... the list goes on and is totally ridiculous due to my indecisive nature. *shrugs* you can deal with it... XD
  10. Jack

    Would you?

    do it, join the military and use my new powers to drain the life from my enemies. yippee
  11. Jack

    Do furries puropsefully put themselves outside of society?

    sociopaths put themselves outside of society. most furs I know are pretty social beings.
  12. Jack

    Is furry a thing you are secretive about?

    you should never be ashamed of somthing that isnt wrong.
  13. Jack

    Do you Cringe at Mutilation?

    depends. ripped to shreds- ya well placed cuts- no
  14. Jack


    you forgot to put medicine. (unless by fast reading I missed it.) Vix formula 44 cold medicine.
  15. Jack

    Show this to your Evolution teacher...

    love it! "suck it darwin!" lol
  16. Jack

    What Arouses You?

    pretty, bright colored eyes. (green, blue, ect...)
  17. Jack

    This just in - furries hate Christmas

    Christmas = gifts. (usually) v who doesn't like getting gifts? - thus I conclude; op statement is the reciprocal of truth.
  18. Jack

    Human hair?

    I love to put hair on them! but it greatly depends on the character.
  19. Jack


    lemon cream pie. or blueberry pie. ya know what... pie in general. (except coconut)
  20. Jack

    Humans that are almost anthro

    I suppose if you have a good enough imagination, you could perhaps see your fantasies. shit, lol... I envy you. if I could see my fantasies... Id spend more time in bed. XD