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  1. Karpish McKarp

    A few romantic poems for the day after valentines day

    Roses are red... The world is crappy... You did this to yourselves. Hope you're happy. *throws salt in the air as if it were glitter and I was a karping pixie* Roses are red... They'll wilt and die someday. We all will. Deal with it. Roses are red. But they can also be white. Or yellow. Or...
  2. Karpish McKarp

    What was your first anime?

    Alternative title- which japanese animation popped your anime cherry? I'm a classy Karp with standards, though, so I won't mention that one. ... Except for the fact I just did. *Flustered magikarp noises* ANYWAY! What anime series was your first? And did you ever watch anime again after that...
  3. Karpish McKarp

    [insert appropriate greeting here]

    Hey there, everybody! I'm new to these here forums, so forgive me if I do anything wrong, haha. I go by Karpish in the fandom (though I'm a fan of nicknames, so call me anything except late for dinner). My fursona is a cabbit (cat-rabbit hybrid for those who are unfamiliar) and I guess I...