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    anti-trolling comebacks

    DONT FEED THE TROLL best comeback ever (i mean the act, dont actually say it to them)
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    how big a part of your life is being furry?

    being furry has absolutely no impact on my life outside of an occasional conversation with my friends i dont even know why im on these forums
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    OPERATION: PARTY HARD on March 15th!

    unfortunately, my friends are the /b/tards that regard the new anonymous as the epitome of newfaggotry i have my own reasons for supporting the downfall of the Co$, but even i am concerned over how many newfags are gonna follow us back to the chans when this is all over
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    what sports do you play?

    i know how u feel about the knee high socks thing, we have to wear knickers for fencing, basically overalls that come down to your upper shin. Nothing says manly like hairy ankles outlined by white overalls
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    Opposite "emo" subculture??

    existentialists maybe? Emos get depressed about everything, but the thought of life having no meaning makes existentialists feel elated....sounds opposite to me =P
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    How would you approach this?

    if you paid for it, you have every right to be as annoyed or annoying as you want to be, but just try asking her for an update
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    what sports do you play?

    myself, i fence on my high school team. just wondering becuase today, i saw a guy with a naruto headband and fox ears/tail at our tournament, and i started wondering what other furs do. so what, if any, do you play?
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    Help me learn to Lucid dream!

    i lucid dream nearly every night now, i made it kinda passive when i started looking for things in my dream that were downright impossible, and recognizing that it was a dream. it took a couple months, but it has stuck with me ever since
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    Suspect kills police dog

    its a dog, jeez
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    Why people consider you crazy?

    when people do the awkward turtle, i like to point out that mine does the backstroke and then demonstrate for their amusement. if you don't know what the awkward turtle is, its a stupid hand gesture people do that vaguely resembles a turtle. people do it when theres an awkward silence
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    oh wow, part of me wants to go dig up my trippy youtubes videos now, but i doubt you want to see those =P anyway, hat was pretty awesome
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    an online community (Final Done!)

    you could try saving this thread and displaying it in your classroom say something like "This was their initial reaction when i introduced myself to them claiming to be one of their own. Obviously, i was not going to introduce myself as a normal person doing anything that could be considered a...
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    When inanimate objects attack!

    my 6-year-old paranoia used to be of dolls O.O recently, stairs >.<
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    http://showcase.sfdt.com/viewmovie.php?t=8403 you guys will appreciate this
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    Are most Furs Lazy?

    im lazy but ive seen a lot of furs that will actually do art, hence the existance of FA so i dont think we can all be THAT lazy
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    Do you like the word "fetish"

    before i heard the word fetish in a sexual context, i played a game for awhile called diablo 2, in which there were enemies called fetishes, which were little black pigmies with knives the size of there bodies, maybe 1 1/2 feet tall. so now, everytime i hear the word, i associate it with...
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    Are you a virgin?

    virgin here, but i still got almost 2 years of high school worse case scenario, college will be all the more exciting
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    2nd anual Global Orgasm day...Dec 21-22

    best. idea. ever just got the message to all my friends. we may be flying solo, but its gonna be hilarious
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    on a non-TV related note, i will sometimes be motivated to write incredibly emo poetry
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    On the first day of Christmas

    i came back to this thread just to see what 69 was i was not disapointed