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  1. BokuNoKoneko


    Free pride icons for pride month! All you have to do is go to this link www.furaffinity.net: FREE PRIDE ICONS! by BokuNoKoneko and !. Leave a comment with your ref 2. Tell me which flag you would like 3. Say "Happy Pride Month" in your comment also please if you dont have an FA you can...
  2. BokuNoKoneko

    Art Trade: Looking For Characters or Art

    Hi, I have a few Characters I'm looking to trade for Other Characters. I'll also trade Characters for Art, Art for Characters, or Art for Art. Honestly I'm just bored and looking for something exciting right now involving some kind of Trades. Here are my characters i have available for trade...
  3. BokuNoKoneko

    How do Created Species Gain Traction?

    When someone creates a species, what happens when they release them? How do they get people interested? What would make you interested? How should one go about promoting their own species? (Honestly i just hope im posting this in the correct section because i really dont know exactly where it...
  4. BokuNoKoneko

    Free Art: Lineless Pride Icons

    *~CLOSED~* Batch Two: 1. Fodjet Owleer DONE 2. Trevor Blue Squirrel 3. Ivory 4. Ash I Posted a journal on my FA but i figured i could post it here too. www.furaffinity.net: Lineless Pride Icons. <Free -- Phobophilia's Journal You can Join on my journal or in this thread whichever you'd...
  5. BokuNoKoneko

    Mystery Adopts Raffle Round 1

    I have a character raffle going on on FA, I'm just dropping this here in case anyone would be interested. Raffle rules are posted in the description of the image. it will be closing sometime tomorrow or whatever. www.furaffinity.net: Mystery Adopts Raffle Round 1 by Phobophilia
  6. BokuNoKoneko

    Free Art: Reference sheets for those who dont have any art

    I'm looking to pass some time the next few days while I'm moving. I will do a reference sheet using some bases i own for some peeps that have no official art of their character. I do not know how many slots will be available but please include the word Flooftastic in your post to show you're not...
  7. BokuNoKoneko

    Art Trades While I Wait?

    Im bored waiting for my new pen to get here, so I'd like to do some trades. Examples here: Artwork Gallery for BokuNoKoneko -- Fur Affinity [dot] net I'll Pick Characters That Catch My Eye.
  8. BokuNoKoneko

    Is there anyone who can shade?

    I am really proud of my two more recent arting adventure results. But I suck soooo bad at shading I don't wanna ruin them TwT I was wondering if anyone would be able to help me by shading them. I will credit you and give you a shout out on the image(s).
  9. BokuNoKoneko


    ------CLOSED------ So I wanna do something new... So Im gonna take tree slots, it is most likely going to be chibi but it might not be... FA is still down and Im bored and wanna try out a new style... 1. Cyanide 2. Xing tian 3. Deer love
  10. BokuNoKoneko

    Its Been A Long Time

    I Haven't Been On The Forums In So Long Right now im looking to get some art of this guy here www.furaffinity.net: My Master~ by BokuNoKoneko Hes a half human cat demon, so if youre good with human faces, that would be nice >^w^< if anyone is interested in doing a trade let me know. on the...
  11. BokuNoKoneko

    Please help?

    So, I'm making a fursuit for myself, and i have no one else to help me work on it. So I have to take all my measurements and such without being able to make a DTD. BUT, I am a female, and I have a VERY large chest. An i just need help figuring out how can I make it so it fits me without...
  12. BokuNoKoneko

    So I Feel like drawing Badges.

    I want to draw some badges, so I can get better at them. Currently I am pretty okay with canids. But i can TRY to do other species. I would prefer a trade. I will do 5 slots for now. Name: (put your characters first name please) Colour: (put the color you want the name to be, please have it...
  13. BokuNoKoneko

    My fursona...... blahhhhh

    So im having a hard time with my fursona.... I know how i want them to look... but im having a hard time drawing it out. And i really need a ref sheet. Im willing to do a trade if you'd like. I'll post the details if anyone takes interest.
  14. BokuNoKoneko

    Iron Artist Challenge

    I'm starting an iron artist challenge. I'll be taking requests to fill the slots. Just link a ref to your character and a short description of what you want to see them doing. If i dont feel i can do your request i have the right to deny it. But i am willing to talk about maybe doing something...