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  1. Arbiter

    Slipknot, Dragonforice, or Disturbed?

    explain how im effected?
  2. Arbiter

    Slipknot, Dragonforice, or Disturbed?

    how can Slipknot go an hero? They dont have an ipod
  3. Arbiter

    Furry Cartoons / Anime's

    and also, watch Shining Tears X Wind. alot of furries in that anime.
  4. Arbiter

    Furry Cartoons / Anime's

    i love it cause of Kogenta :D
  5. Arbiter

    Your Fursona, same gender as you?

    same! but i have thought about making a female fursona
  6. Arbiter

    Do you classify yourself as a "FURRY?!?!"

    Re: Do you classify yourself as a "FURRY?!?!" Yes, i am a furry: - I have a fursona - I really want to fursuit badly. - I enjoy (and sometimes) fap to furry porn, espically the gay stuff (oh man *blushes deep red*) - i love anthromorphic animals with a passion. - I really love fat...
  7. Arbiter

    Slipknot, Dragonforice, or Disturbed?

    seeing as though these 3 bands are on tour together, i have to ask the question, which band is better and why? oh, and feel free to diss any of these bands as well :)
  8. Arbiter

    Films to see rather than "Disaster Movie"

    Blockbuster doesn't have it :(
  9. Arbiter

    Kanye West - Good Mourning (video)

    ugh, as much i hate rap, and i really do, i must say this is a really good music video
  10. Arbiter


    aren't we all?
  11. Arbiter

    Anime loves! Manga Loves!

    My favorite anime's are Trigun, Wolf's Rain, Death Note, Code Geass, and Outlaw Star
  12. Arbiter

    Finish the adage above you....

    i could not do it :D if i was a turtle....
  13. Arbiter


    i swear alot of the time.
  14. Arbiter

    The Site Is A Lie

    no,. but you have a right to complain to the HR. your paying them so that your colo can be hosted there, you have a right to complain to them.
  15. Arbiter

    The Site Is A Lie

    and let me guess, you have no estimate at all when the site will be back up? or in fact when someonme can fix this?
  16. Arbiter

    The Site Is A Lie

    so then why does it take this long to get it up and running again?
  17. Arbiter


    I go camping when i go LARPing(loads of fun, then you get bit by chiggers :()
  18. Arbiter

    9yo kid gets banned from baseball.

    *sighs* yet another example of parents overreating to the stupiest of things
  19. Arbiter

    Large Text

    awesome thanks ^^
  20. Arbiter

    Large Text

    does anyone know how to create large text or font to use here in the forums