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  1. Inkstars

    Critique: Advice on how to move forward

    thank you so much! I appreciate it ♥
  2. Inkstars

    Critique: Advice on how to move forward

    You're making a lot of assumptions here. I already stated I don't really GET comments. I try to encourage my followers to, but most pieces (90% of them) go uncommented on aside from comments from my WIFE. 10 faves isn't after posting for a year, 10 faves is posting after THREE years. I have 347...
  3. Inkstars

    Critique: Advice on how to move forward

    Thanks, that's a good plan!
  4. Inkstars

    Critique: Advice on how to move forward

    Gallery (so you don't have to go to the bottom) https://www.furaffinity.net/user/inkstars I'm in a huge rut mentally. I know my art is fairly good, (this has been helped by posting timelapses of my art on Youtube) but I'm struggling to get watchers. I've been on my page for 3 years (and FA as a...
  5. Inkstars

    What are sounds/noises that you can't absolutely STAND?

    Yes T_T Like, I get it, you love your music, but dang it sounds like it's damaging your speakers, and it's about to damage my hearing. I've also discovered recently that I have hyperacusis! I find a lot of noises intolerably loud, and yet they're actually very quiet. I've gotten myself a...
  6. Inkstars

    Gay body image

    Oh yes, absolutely, I completely agree. But for me, at least, being able to be beautiful to my partners while I'm fat, even if I hate it because my weight is causing me physical harm (I'm in a lot of pain, and my weight was caused by steroids due to chemo treatments) is very important. But...
  7. Inkstars

    The Mandalorian

    Wow, can't believe there isn't a thread for this gem! I've been watching Star Wars since I was seven, so a television show (I watched Droids and Ewoks) was definitely something to get my attention. I binged the Mandalorian this month, since I was a little behind on watching stuff and WOW. What...
  8. Inkstars

    I just saw cats....

    Because it's the way the play is done? Basically anyway. They're cats with people faces, with makeup to look like exaggerated cat markings. It's never going to work, hyper-realistic furries would have been terrible too. I liked it a lot, but I grew up on CATS, and I loved the 1998 video, and...
  9. Inkstars

    What are sounds/noises that you can't absolutely STAND?

    • screaming/loud crying • thumping music (I lived in an area where this happened ALL THE TIME) • loud noises in an otherwise quiet environment • styrofoam rubbing together or scraping on a plastic dashboard • plastic forks rubbing together • nails on chalkboard I have really, really acute...
  10. Inkstars

    Struggle: getting things done

    Hi! I have similar issues, and I tend to take on a mass of tasks that becomes so daunting it never gets done. So I've started taking the mass of tasks and splitting it down into "what's most important". If I wash laundry, is that as important as washing underwear? Should I clean the house, or...
  11. Inkstars

    Is this an odd kink to possess?

    Noooooooo why do you ask??? 8D
  12. Inkstars

    Gay body image

    Yeah, you'd be surprised how many people might think you're out of THEIR league. I say this from experience, because I was struggling with self-esteem issues and so on when I met my wife, and I thought she was way too pretty for me, and I should never give it a go, because she was out of my...
  13. Inkstars

    Gay body image

    Yeah, the issue here is the idealization of the human body to the point that it's ridiculous. It's not just in the gay community, (as I'm sure you know) and it's detrimental to the human psyche. Because while they're sitting here telling you that you're nothing without a certain body type and...
  14. Inkstars

    Is this an odd kink to possess?

    I think you're fine, but frankly, don't worry if you're weird! Just be you and enjoy your kinks. If they change or you add more, enjoy those too!
  15. Inkstars

    Furry in the Workplace

    I work from home but my advice mirrors a lot of what's being said here: don't talk about it! It's your private life, it can stay private. Don't deny it if someone if it comes up, but don't advertise, basically.
  16. Inkstars

    Your Advice/Thoughts to Young Furs

    Don't "come out" as a furry. If it comes up, just say you like anthro animals. It's worked for me. (As I'm a furry artist, I just tell people I like to draw them for the fantasy element and the challenge of blending human and animal characteristics without being creepy). So many people feel like...
  17. Inkstars

    How to find a fursona

    And don't worry if your 'sona doesn't match you forever. Sometimes, they'll change just like the rest of us. Enjoy what fursona you have while you have it!
  18. Inkstars

    Furry Hate (Mail)

    I've been fortunate enough to avoid any issues with furry hate, maybe because I calmly and quietly explained... maybe because most people don't care in general... I mean, I had someone ask why I drew dogs all the time (what a question!) and made them sexy, and I told him it was something to do...
  19. Inkstars

    An Advice

    You can do it! Things can be difficult but you can get through it. We're all here for you. (And good that you're talking with a professional). It's good that you're improving, too. ♥