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  1. adonneniel

    [OPEN] The Dream Catcher ADOPT AUCTION

    I'm here with yet another adopt. Spent so much time on him and honestly speaking it breaks my heart to sell him as I'm already in love with his story But I don't have time to develop it so I hope he'll find new home and new owner ^^ SB: 40 $ MI: 3 $ AB 1: 80 $ AB 2: 100 $ (you’ll also get...
  2. adonneniel

    [OPEN] Ocean Eyes (elf+robot) ADOPT AUCTION

    Hey guys! I have a child you can adopt! She is fearless and dangerous warrior but for you she'll be whatever you want her to be ^^ You can bid on DA or on FA - www.deviantart.com: [OPEN] Ocean Eyes ADOPT AUCTION or www.furaffinity.net: [OPEN] Ocean Eyes ADOPT AUCTION by adonneniel SB: 20 $...