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  1. lyar

    For Honor!

    What army did you choose and why? What classes do you use? What classes do you hate? Tell me your deepest, For Honor-related, secrets! I personally chose Vikings because I have always loved the aesthetic of tattooed, muscled and usually bearded warriors. I also really like Viking accents. I...
  2. lyar

    Traditional or digital?

    It seems to me that no one likes traditional* art anymore. It seems people only want to art trade if the person is going to do digital art. Does it have to do with the stigma that generally traditional art is bad? Or is that digital art is often colored and traditional art isn't? What do you...
  3. lyar

    Are you edgy?

    People have different interests this I know, but it seems some tastes are more common that others. And I am sure if anyone understands that there's a high chance that person would be a furry because let's be honest the community is niche. But somehow in every community there is a what I'd to say...
  4. lyar

    Battleborn: Good? Bad? In the middle?

    I have started playing the open beta on ps4 and I think it's decent. However some of the voice acting is terrible and the comedy seems a little forced at times. I don't hate the game but there's something odd about it. It could be how slow the game is but I don't know.
  5. lyar

    I am new and scared HELP

    So I am one of those thousands of people who lurk and I don't really know how to stop. My hands are trembling as I write this. I have like no experience with this forum business. I wanna get the ball rollin but I don't know how. Fingers crossed.