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  1. SilverBehemoth

    Centeral Heating is gonna make you fat!

    http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-1350419/Central-heating-making-fat-stop-burning-calories.html According to 'scientist' having your house warm and cosy will make you add weight, so fuck your heat and be cold!
  2. SilverBehemoth

    Genetic Algoritihm used to build a car using the Box2D engine.

    This is a semi-interactive flash (Only thing interactive about it is changing the mutation rate percentage.) http://megaswf.com/simple_serve/102223/
  3. SilverBehemoth


    Well I finally decided to make myself known here since when I first joined the site/forum I've been kinda asocial, so hello hi, hope to meet new people etc....