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  1. RyejekG

    Personality according to blood type

    Well my blood type is a B but i don’t know how many of those i meer the category of
  2. RyejekG


    Heyo welcome to the forum m. Here have a cookie they are nice
  3. RyejekG


    Like Fallout 76 in germany. They started just giving them away.
  4. RyejekG


    Tbh most of the big game publishers seem to be heading the way of EA.
  5. RyejekG

    Who wants a hug?

    *Hugs as many furs as I can*
  6. RyejekG

    Wow I love you Profile picture. Very nice.

    Wow I love you Profile picture. Very nice.
  7. RyejekG

    Fallout 76, and the flop it made

    I think that video pretty much sums it up nicely. This is one game where I am glad I never claimed the pre-order.
  8. RyejekG


    Kind of annoyed that Mass Effect Andromeda was sacrificed for Anthem. Especially after hearing all the bugs and problems and how quickly people got bored of it.
  9. RyejekG

    No Man's Sky BEYOND hype

    I have no man's sky but never played it and I am buzzing with anticipation for the update. It looks like it will be amazing.
  10. RyejekG

    Favorite Games?

    Metro Exodus Fallout 4 Skyrim Winds of Change (Furry Visual novel kind of a game) Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon Forza Horizon 4 Borderlands 1,2 and pre sequel. Changed Anno 2205 Just to name a few.
  11. RyejekG

    Rate my sharks!

    Those are some really cool sharks. I love the outfits you have given them, they definitly suit both characters.
  12. RyejekG


    Aww man I used to love this show.
  13. RyejekG

    Furries of the World!

    52° 40' 32.196'' N 0° 10' 6.528'' W
  14. RyejekG

    show me pics of your fursona!

    Here's mine: Art by: solokhoniir
  15. RyejekG

    Your Fursona's Favourite Season

    Summer and Autumn Ryejek loves the warm evenings of summer, and the colour of the leaves in autumn.
  16. RyejekG

    What do you do?

    Health Records administrator in my local hospital.
  17. RyejekG

    How old were you when you became a Furry?

    15/16 if i remember correctly. Just love the fandom ever since I first heard of it.
  18. RyejekG

    Tell me I'm not the only one...

    Done this so much, sometimes when talking to someone I even picture that I am talking to their percieved 'sona
  19. RyejekG

    Quotes that you like

    Don't know if this has already been posted but this is my favorite: "You reap what you sow. Force answers force, war breeds war, and death only brings death. To break this vicious circle one must do more than just act without any thought or doubt." Khan Metro 2033
  20. RyejekG

    Meet Local Furries

    I live in this country: England on the border of lincolnshire (Hoping to move to Nottingham soon) My age is: 26 My gender is: Male My sexuality is: Gay My hobbies include: Gaming both on xbox and PS4, Photogrophy and writing. Oh and watching youtube videos.