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  1. Topaz-Timber-Wolf

    Need info fur a new book

    Do anthros like wolves and tigers still have pads on their hands. I mean, I know that you can make it whatever you want. But in general is this the norm?
  2. Topaz-Timber-Wolf

    My First Ever Fursona

    Name: Daxus Smith Age: 26 Sex: Male Species: Wolf Height: 5' 7" Weight: 165 lbs Appearance: ????? Hair and fur: Hair is a wild blue mop. His fur is mostly white with a pair of darker blue stripes running down the side of his neck starting just below his jaw. The stripes then run out across the...
  3. Topaz-Timber-Wolf


    Made my first ever fursona. And I like the way he turned out. Except I have no art for him yet. Anyone interested in viewing?
  4. Topaz-Timber-Wolf

    Would Appreciate Help

    I just found out about fursonas early this morning. I would really appreciate some help understanding and creating one. Ideas, suggestions, etc. are welcome.
  5. Topaz-Timber-Wolf

    New(ish) To All Things Furry.

    I have been into rp of many kinds for quite a while, but that's as far as my experience with furry stuff goes. I would love to meet some other furs, of both sexes that could teach me some things.