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  1. Nanaki-XIII

    Musicians: Post your latest song submission!

    http://www.furaffinity.net/view/1895231 A poorly recorded cover of "Say it Ain't So" by -Weezer. I'm sure this is a familiar tune. I generally write my own works, but I was quite bored one day. The horrible recording quality shows.
  2. Nanaki-XIII

    Musicians: Plug here! (Take 2)

    Right here, yo. My gallery is noted for having a piece in it known as, "Whiny DevianTART".
  3. Nanaki-XIII

    The Official "FA is down and I need to make a post about it!" Thread

    Re: Ugh, again? It's that time of the month.
  4. Nanaki-XIII

    Why do you hang around on the forums?

    Gain popularity... Amazingly, it's working.
  5. Nanaki-XIII

    Which Animal Do You Identify With?

    There's a reason why people call me "Tomcat." ;3
  6. Nanaki-XIII

    I Told My Class

    I can't imagine what the guy who draws the Trix rabbit had to tell people. >:
  7. Nanaki-XIII

    XBox 360 Live gamers

    *Yank* Not without me, you won't.
  8. Nanaki-XIII

    Whats your character?

    A bluish (I was told he was periwinkle) feline.
  9. Nanaki-XIII

    Survival-horror games

    Silent Hill series is freaking classic. Though, SH4 was a bit of a disappointment, until his apartment started getting haunted. All the other SH's? Classic, scary, creepy, mindfucking, and just plain gold in the pants. Resident Evil never really "creeped" me out. It was more of the, "I have 4...
  10. Nanaki-XIII

    Looking for the Dingos

    I'm pretty sure that's a line Rick uses. A dingo dingy
  11. Nanaki-XIII

    Global Call of Duty 4 Gamertags list

    I own the clan, and I don't have a website. It's not like we're serious or anything. :3
  12. Nanaki-XIII

    The muziks I mayk

    Hey guys n' girls... and you occasional herms, If you notice my signature, you'll notice a link to a podcast that's done by Kraden and his crew. So... WHERE do I fit it? Around Episode 11 or 12 (Can't remember, don't plan on doing research), I start sending in segments of me playing...
  13. Nanaki-XIII

    Global Call of Duty 4 Gamertags list

    A clan with Furries. :3 That's bout it. NewfDraggie was just recently joined in.
  14. Nanaki-XIII

    Global Call of Duty 4 Gamertags list

    Nanaki-XIII is my XBL account. My clan is [Furi]. So I don't wanna change to FA if I already have a Furry sounding clan name.
  15. Nanaki-XIII

    The meaning of your username and why you chose it

    I was 15 and had no imagination
  16. Nanaki-XIII

    Rolling a 1

    Because of a bad roll, your laughing leaves your mouth open nice and wide for a sniper shot. Yes, it hits... and a tentacle monster who has been brooding inside the corpse is finally released with enough rape to scare off a hentai fangirl.
  17. Nanaki-XIII

    What weapon does your fursona use?

    Nanaki used to use one of these when he first started about the community. (He needed money, man!) After being a family man, he's chilled, has no weapons, and lives a normal life. OR DOES HE!? DUN DUN DUUUUUUUN!
  18. Nanaki-XIII

    Looking for the Dingos

    That Kirby can drive a dingo dingy.
  19. Nanaki-XIII

    XBox 360 Live gamers

    GT is: Nanaki XIII I have the following games: Guitar Hero III (Co-op or pro face off with me!) Call of Duty 4 (I do hardcore team deathmatches. I play this the most often.) Rainbow Six Vegas (Rarely play, I do it for occasional terrorist hunts with friends.) Dead or Alive 4 (Rarely...
  20. Nanaki-XIII

    Stage diving into the fandom

    Drawing an insect would be quite a project! I would love drawing am insect, however, the image you posted is a bit confusing. It's be much easier if there was a whole body shot instead of a puzzle-like image that I'd have to piece together. Also, since I have more of a cartoonish-like style...