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  1. Xandrah

    Main Site UK Porn Filter Goes Into Effect July 15

    This is why I really do want to move.
  2. Xandrah

    Furaffinity-Paypal Issues

    Some people really do over react I had like 100 Journals crying about this, thank you for clearing it up in this thread, common sense really though. Of course pay pal is going to ban if you start to explain what that picture is.
  3. Xandrah

    What do you do when you see trolls trolling?

    Just sit back and laugh.
  4. Xandrah

    Getting involved in Second Life.

    Viewer 2 is getting better especially with mesh support, avatars and all round everything is looking better and becoming more stable.
  5. Xandrah

    All these "DJ furries"...

    There are some good DJ's on SecondLife, but these are people who do it for a living in real life usually.
  6. Xandrah


    Welcome to the forums! ^,..,^
  7. Xandrah

    *waves* Herro!

    hehe awwh thank you.
  8. Xandrah

    *waves* Herro!

    @Ray0: Hej! Jag är inte bra på svenska. Jag vet lite (Yeah my Swedish isn't good.. I am learning) Thank you for the warm greetings everyone! I wish most forums were like these hehe.
  9. Xandrah

    *waves* Herro!

    Ahh hehe
  10. Xandrah

    *waves* Herro!

    Thanks ^,..,^, mmhmm yes that's a icon from one of my pics.
  11. Xandrah

    *waves* Herro!

    I think its about time I signed up to the forums, so hi there! hehe.
  12. Xandrah

    If given the choice would you become a permanent anthropomorph?

    Would do anything to be my Dragoness self.