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  1. Bororu

    as it is pride month and all... What is your sexuality ?

    Definitely bi. I'm kind of femmy actually. I like to refer to myself as a cocoa twink.
  2. Bororu

    Post the last thing you laughed at online

    It's amazing the speed in which PS5 waifus and r34 appeared online after the reveal.
  3. Bororu

    Is the only way to gain attention in the fandom is draw NSFW?

    Even though I thought OP's gallery looked fine, this is still excellent advice. My take on the NSFW/SFW dynamic is that SFW furry art seem to be most compelling for people in a story context. People enjoy SFW furry comics and games quite a bit, but a picture of a character isn't interested by...
  4. Bororu

    How old were you when you became a Furry?

    Amazingly I just lurked for years until just last week. I mostly read comics and supported some artists I like. I was a closet furry lol.
  5. Bororu

    General Anthropomorphic Art Appreciation Thread

    Oh geez. You know, some of us just wanted to buy our government subsidized wheat bread in peace! #firefoodlionslion
  6. Bororu

    How angry are you?

    I get angry in private and then put on a face. Don't judge, you do it too.
  7. Bororu

    Anyone else afraid of the future?

    We're fucked.
  8. Bororu

    General Anthropomorphic Art Appreciation Thread

    LOL, oh is that what I was hearing?
  9. Bororu

    Kinds of art you HATE.

    Honestly I had no idea "Calarts Style" was even a thing. I always associated it with Pixar and Renaissance era Disney. There isn't a style that I "hate" per se. If anything I'm only ever bothered by art that's good but not as good as it could be y' know? I tend to just ignore anything that is...
  10. Bororu

    Snacks You Like That Horrify Everyone Else

    Add a tomato to it and you've got my favorite snack actually.
  11. Bororu

    Compliments That Stuck With You

    People IRL keep telling me that I'm a very patient person. I always felt like that was such a specific compliment.
  12. Bororu

    Rat Appreciation Thread

    These drawings are amazing. There's a very strong understanding of anatomy, shape, and appeal - not to mention an effective use of color and style.
  13. Bororu

    Rat Appreciation Thread

    I don't think that's how you play.
  14. Bororu

    Favorite Dog Breeds

    Siberian Huskies. Gotta love 'em.
  15. Bororu

    My latest project

    Nice. How do the hind legs work though?
  16. Bororu

    Old Fur, New Member

    So stalking people instantly makes them your friend? That's perfect for me!
  17. Bororu

    Hey guys

    lol I don't believe so. What are they, like, bourgeois bagel bites?