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  1. K

    Furs by state/province/other II

    Binghamton, New York here. Say hi if you're close by!
  2. K

    sewing machines

    Can anyone recommend a good sewing machine for fursuits? One that won't break if I try to sew together 2"+ pile fur? Don't really need anything fancy beyond that...thanks!
  3. K

    Totaly newbie fursuit question.

    some materials you will probably want to get - a good sharp pair of comfortable scissors and a sharpener for them, an x-acto knife with spare blades, a package of large thick pins, a hot glue gun and a big pack of glue sticks, and an electric carving knife. You can get all of this at walmart...
  4. K

    Dragons and Tigers and Fur OH MY!

    I'm not sure what the deal is with CRs. My first order, which consisted of 5 sample cards, took about a week to get to me in NY. No complaints there. My first real shipment, half a yard of white fur, took about 2 and a half weeks to arrive (by then I had already emailed them to inquire...
  5. K

    well hewwo thar. fur in california. :3

    ooo, nice to see another musical fur out there, and a pianist at that. ;) Do you ever perform around the east coast?
  6. K

    as for claws...

    I'm using black sculpey for mine. It's really easy. I drew an outline of the claw shape I wanted onto a piece of paper, and then molded the clay right on the paper to match the outline I drew, peeled it off, rounded over the edges a bit, & baked. The stuff apparently doesn't dry out which is...
  7. K

    I need some fandom friends.

    I'm south of you, around Binghamton. Feel free to send an IM if you see me on
  8. K

    Furry things you do when bored

    throw a furry blanket on the bed and roll around on it. or go to the zoo. or shop for plushies. can't go wrong with those khurynn
  9. K

    Furry Anime

    did anyone ever watch Monster Rancher? It used to be on Fox years ago when I was growing up and I'd watch it before school. I remember there being a wolf-like character, Tiger of the Wind, that I was a big fan of. I don't remember much else from the series though.
  10. K

    Musical Furries?

    classical piano for about 17 yrs.
  11. K

    Furry Anime

    That would be Arashi no Yoru ni
  12. K

    Furry Anime

    Yup, Wolf's Rain is pretty sexy. I just finished it a couple weeks ago. It's very dark, very melodramatic, very philosophical, and has a fair amount of violence including at least one scene that left me disturbed for hours after seeing it. It also moves at a fairly slow pace but there is...
  13. K

    Where to shop for plushies - Plushie Proximity Locator?

    So I've started to realize that there aren't very many retail stores that sell plushies (at least, non-lame ones). There is at least one web site out there that lists a few stores by location but doesn't give a whole lot of information and hasn't been updated in years. Which gave me an idea...
  14. K

    Anime loves! Manga Loves!

    well I discovered Wolf's Rain recently and it's my new obsession. Actually I found out about it when I was looking around for fursuit pics online and saw a poster of it on the wall in the background in someone's apt. So thanks to whoever that was I guess ;) But then again my only exposure to...
  15. K


    Hello, I've actually been a member of the forum here for a couple months but just wanted to say Hi since I posted randomly in another thread a little while ago. I'm fairly new to the fandom - around March of '08 is when I'd say I really got into it - but I've had a passing interest/curiosity...
  16. K

    Oklahoma furs?

    I was traveling through OKC last week and could have sworn I saw someone in a red AC Security T-shirt in a restaurant near the airport... but then again I was probably imagining things (couldn't get a good look at it since the grp was sitting across the room). Oh, guess I'm new here too, so...