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  1. GhostIndeedee

    Open commissions $10-$40+

    Hey, I’m Steampunkseahorse and I’m opening my commissions again. I’ve been commissioned to draw everything from illustrations and sketches, to designing characters and making ref sheets. In my reference sheet here, I have the base prices listed. Open to drawing all manner of things, sfw and...
  2. GhostIndeedee

    Looking for a private Pokemon RP

    Hey! Looking to start up a casual private pokemon rp. Sorry for wanting it private, but I'm a bit shy, and I don't mind if it gets NSFW, so it's a bit safer. Would prefer feral. Let this Indeedee know if you're interested! Thanks!
  3. GhostIndeedee


    Hi! I've been around the site for a long time now, finally getting around to getting on the forums! Lets see, I'm a freelance artist who's always taking commissions, I'm big into pokemon, and I'm looking into RPing again.