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  1. muskyhuskiesareperfect~

    HELP! Can't find this game!

    I remember that I played a furry game a while back. I don't remember the name, only that it had "paws" in it. It was in space, and you like, dated a princess or something?! I'm DESPERATLEY searching so I can stop thinking about it! (It might have been 18+, but I'm not sure)
  2. muskyhuskiesareperfect~

    Can't figure out how to delete posts...

    Is it possible to delete say, a picture I posted? I'm not sure how :/
  3. muskyhuskiesareperfect~

    Random Question forum

    Hello!! I'm just going to start straight off with a loud question: I have a sheath fetish. Is there some sort of sheath toy on the market?