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  1. Kaku

    Anyone else not like the sexual aspect of the furry world?

    -not into pronz either-
  2. Kaku


    I only work off of images, sorry, not descriptions only. :( There were only a few images in your journal entry and I don't know what to work off of.
  3. Kaku


    Hey gaiz of the Art Exchange subforum! I'm Kaku. And I like to draw. Wanna trade? Please go here for my trade information. [It's a journal about trades I posted on FA.] Leave a comment on that journal, or in this thread, if you'd like to trade. Please note: ~I can refuse if I don't...
  4. Kaku

    Taking Art Requests and Trades!

    I'd love if you'd do a request for me... ;] Character's name: Kaku Reference picture: REFERENCE Anthro or not: Anthro Position/expression: Anything, really. Just not anything adult. elohel. D: Text (optional): "KAKU" I guess? Anything else: Not really. Have fun drawing her, if I get accepted. ;]
  5. Kaku

    When and how did you first realise you where a furry?

    Oh, and I always loved Disney's "Robin Hood". :D Yay for generic fox furries.
  6. Kaku

    When and how did you first realise you where a furry?

    Well, for one, I'm not really a furry. I've always loved animals, though. I've been a Pokemon fan since elementary school, and I've played Neopets since 5th grade as well. I've always loved toony drawn animal-like creatures.
  7. Kaku


    Hand-like paw, five digits on each hand, with pawpads & claws.
  8. Kaku

    Second Choices

    Cat. I'm a genet at the moment. But I don't have a specific reason why I chose it or anything, other than "they're cool"...
  9. Kaku

    Wearing a tail in public.

    My friend from my old school did. He was more of a wolf than a furry, and sure he drew furry art and stuff, but he was really more spiritually connected to animals than into furry porn.
  10. Kaku

    *Deep breath* Christian furries?

    Agnostic here.
  11. Kaku

    Does anybody like my work enough to want to trade with me?

    I have inked the picture, and I've colored in the tank top. It's a waist-up shot. Sorry I couldn't do more. I suck at fullbody shots... D: So I just have to color in her fur & hair. What color eyes again? Blue? :o
  12. Kaku

    Who here has pets?

    I have a dog [golden retriever], two housecats, a bird [cockatiel], a chinchilla, & my sister has a lizard [leopard gecko].
  13. Kaku

    Does anybody like my work enough to want to trade with me?

    Haha, thanks, Sheba! :3 And yeah. We do. D:
  14. Kaku

    Does anybody like my work enough to want to trade with me?

    Hey guys~ Kaku here. & I'm looking for art trades! I'm pretty much almost done with all the art I owe people, & I lack inspiration. Therefore, I'd like to get some more trades started! **IF YOUR CHARACTER LOOKS TOO HARD FOR ME TO DRAW, I have the right to decline your trade request. Sorry.**...
  15. Kaku

    A Request for All You Artists

    Thanks. Feel no rush or anything. :D
  16. Kaku

    "Couple" Request [NOW WITH RAINBOWS!!]

    Re: "Couple" Request [NOW WITH RAINBOWS!!] :3 I'm back! And I still want pictures of Raph & Vic.
  17. Kaku

    A Request for All You Artists

    Wow. I haven't been around here in so long! I have a new ref done by someone I did a trade with: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/1345158/ <-- By Matted-Jack over at FA. The only things different now are: Kaku's gotten chubbier, and the muzzle blocked off by the brown band around her mouth is white.
  18. Kaku

    Books Are Entertainment, Too!

    I read "Slaughterhouse-Five" by Kurt Vonnegut for school this year. And it's now one of my favorites!
  19. Kaku

    Icons Request!

    I'm still collecting icons, just to let everybody know. I can't do icon trades, really. Unless you'd like to resize a square image I make with traditional media into an icon size..? [I hate resizing traditional scans.]