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  1. Faunny C.

    I was just on fa during all that literal shit posting... I need to wash my eyes out.

    I was just on fa during all that literal shit posting... I need to wash my eyes out.
  2. Faunny C.

    Please help

    About $500 and it's for an unexpected vet bill.
  3. Faunny C.

    Data Lost

    Now that FA has returned, I have found that I have lost quite a bit if data. I have lost submissions, favorites, page views, and other updates that happened between now and last week. I don't know if there is any way to fix this, but if there is, I would like to know.
  4. Faunny C.

    Please help

    Something has come up and I need to make money now. I am planning on doing that through adopts, but I don't know how the money transferring part works. I would appreciate help as soon as possible. Thank you. I don't know if I put this in the right place, sort of in a hurry, sorry if I did.
  5. Faunny C.

    Andy fursona profile

    I like your idea, very simple and realistic. In a world filled with extravagant and colorful fursonas, going with a natural look can really make a statement. And I think a design like this fits well with your seemingly down to earth character. I think this is really well done.
  6. Faunny C.

    Creating a New Species-CLOSED SPECIES-Need ideas+plus chat

    Very interesting idea! My self proclaimed specialty is combining already existing species into one character, so this is right up my ally. Perhaps a name could be a Sugar Bird. I can't wait to see a finished product!
  7. Faunny C.

    Judge my fursona?

    Very well thought out, I don't have any world shattering advice on how you could change her. She just looks good the way she is. Color pallet is good, markings are simple yet unique, and the general design fits very well with her personality. I would give her an over all 10/10.
  8. Faunny C.

    My fursona

    What an interesting story, it is rare to see such a well thought out and detailed backstory for a character. I very much enjoyed it as it reminded me of the story of one of my own characters.
  9. Faunny C.

    What do you think so far?

    I think it looks rather good, it is simple while still being interesting. I might add more with the spot idea, just to give it a bit of flare. And remember, don't be afraid to re-work ideas, you might come up with something you like better.
  10. Faunny C.

    Need feedback REALLY quickly!

    That was lovely, keep working at it and you could be a fantastic musician.
  11. Faunny C.


  12. Faunny C.

    Anyone want to RP?

    "It's ok, just follow me." (I have to go, see you all later.)
  13. Faunny C.

    Anyone want to RP?

    "I think tonight we should all get some rest, maybe we can meet up again another time."
  14. Faunny C.

    Anyone want to RP?

    "Alright, well bye Jin, it was a pleasure working with you. I am sure the police will award you for you service, you too Azrion."
  15. Faunny C.

    Anyone want to RP?

    "Well that was fun! But I guess this is were we part ways, unless Azrion is going to take me up on my roommates offer,"
  16. Faunny C.

    Anyone want to RP?

    As Ev hands over Spades to the police, he has one final thin to say "I'll get you, all of you! You will pay for this!"
  17. Faunny C.

    Anyone want to RP?

    "You'll never find your scales!" Spades retorts. They hear sirens outside. "Alright, lets go. I think your ride is here." Ev walks him out the door and down the stairs. Police were waiting to retrieve them, apparently a restaurant goer had reported suspicious behavior.
  18. Faunny C.

    Anyone want to RP?

    "Thank you, I will take that from here" Ev approaches Spades. "Tyron Spades, you are under arrest for the illegal acquiring and sales of dragon scales." She takes handcuffs from her purse and cuffs his paws behind his back.
  19. Faunny C.

    Anyone want to RP?

    "Don't touch Spades, he's mine." Ev calls to Jin as she utilizes her taser one of her canine attackers.
  20. Faunny C.

    Anyone want to RP?

    "Let's kick there butts!" Ev stomps on the foot of the dog holding her. He yelps in surprise and stumbles backwards.