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  1. Vina the Bat

    Show me your pony style!

    Wow, I haven't drawn a pony in ages. It used to be all I'd draw though.
  2. Vina the Bat

    Free Art: Your characters with mine NSFW (closed)

    Hey there! I would love if you could draw my thicc girl. c: I don't mind what you do with her, perhaps just nude or playing with myself? If you need it I have a NSFW ref sheet of her as well.
  3. Vina the Bat

    Request: Taking fetish requests

    I love fetishes. I, myself, am a kinky person. And I like putting that into art! I haven't made free art in a long time but I decided I'll give it a go. Just comment a ref and an idea in the comments and I'll pick who's ideas I like most. My favorites are fat, vore, bellies in general, big...
  4. Vina the Bat

    (Commission) Selling: SLIMY'S REVAMPED ART SHOP! $5-$35

    Bump! revamped and full of new stuff!
  5. Vina the Bat

    Art Trade: Makin' sketches (trades)

    Hey! Would you like a head shot, bust, half body, or full body? I'm just asking so we both do the same thing c:
  6. Vina the Bat

    Bats! I want to look at your bats!

    Here's a bat sona I designed for a friend. He's a sweet little thing.
  7. Vina the Bat

    Art Trade: Makin' sketches (trades)

    Yup! I really just wanna relax today and make sketches for peeps to keep my skills sharp. I'll do it with anyone who responds to the best of my ability. Just post your character reference in the chat and if you're making a fullbody, headshot, etc and I'll get right on it. Here's my character!
  8. Vina the Bat

    Looking for growth(giant) rp

    Heya, I'd love to! My Discord is Small Fry#5663.
  9. Vina the Bat

    Art Trade: Making custom characters for art

    So I've gained a little bit of experience making character designs and I thought it'd be fun to make them for people other than my close friends! I make them a lot for DnD campaigns but I've also made a fursona before. If you're interested I ask that you please have an idea of what you're...
  10. Vina the Bat

    Free Art: Doing animations

    I need practice so hit me with characters and ideas! I'm just trying to nail down some basics, so it could be anywhere from a quick draft like my first example or something way more polished depending on how much it inspires me. Please no complicated characters. Here's an example of what some...
  11. Vina the Bat

    Art Trade: Monster doggo wants to trade

    Heya! After doing that request event I figured an art trade or two might be fun! If you're interested just reply with some art examples and I'll respond if I think we're a good match. I make SFW, NSFW, vore, I'll give just about any theme a shot. I started using a new art program recently so...
  12. Vina the Bat

    Honest advice, feedback and critique please.

    Hia! I really like what you have going on with the face. You seem to have gotten that down pretty well. And your anatomy is pretty good too! Here's some advice where I think you could improve. I feel like the feet could be worked on a bit, the perspective in the first and last piece is a bit...
  13. Vina the Bat

    Free Art: Taking scene requests (OPEN)

    Hia! So I'm needing more practice with full scene artwork using Fire Alpaca so I'll be taking one request. Here's an example so you have an idea of my style. It's NSFW so I cropped it, heh. You can find the full here. www.furaffinity.net: Awkward by SlimyBoy625 All you need to do is reply with...
  14. Vina the Bat

    Another one day raffle (Closed)

    Ahhh it's adorable! thank you!
  15. Vina the Bat

    Another one day raffle (Closed)

    I'll give it a go!
  16. Vina the Bat

    Free Art: Accepting gore/dark requests

    www.furaffinity.net: I'm shattered by SlimyBoy625 Here ya go!