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  1. Yoserfael1

    Furry "Anthems" Thread

    Any songs you'd consider furry "anthems"? Like for the fandom as a whole, or for particular species or subgroup? Here's what I think the scalie anthem is: The fact that there seems to be zero scalies who sing the Dudley the Dragon theme song is a problem
  2. Yoserfael1

    Good SFW furry books thread

    Furry book thread for referencing. Post your recommendations here! Yes! Novellas, Novels, Essays, Poetry, Serials, Short stories, etc. Any Genre Any age range Any publisher SFW (As in, you wouldn't be ashamed of putting this on a bookshelf in a...
  3. Yoserfael1

    Vancouver Fur Meet

    If any furries from around the lower mainland are reading this: bsd I'd like t'have us a fur meet. Shoot an email to covidfurmeetvan@yahoo.com, and discuss here.