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  1. FireFeathers

    Painterly or Detailed?

    Wasn't entirely sure where to put this one, despite the lurking I do about this forum. Anyways, I've got a question. My stuff often gets described as painterly, which that's what i'm going for, so huzzahs, i suppose. though I always feel that pictures lose their livelihood, thier moxie, thier...
  2. FireFeathers

    What helped you improve?

    Nothing sucks more then having all the reference material right there, all the information you could want about HOW to improve, but what was it that actually made you improve? Tracing? Excessive sketching? Naturally observant? Good friends? Critique? It's a pretty generic question, and I'm...
  3. FireFeathers

    Dangly Custom Necklaces!

    Verbatum, these necklaces shown here are 17 USD If you'd like to re-color a template to look like your character, it's an extra 5 USD And if you'd like me to design a template specifically to your character, it's an extra 6-8 USD. Example: Custom Round 1! : Round 2! : 3!: 4!: 5!: 6...
  4. FireFeathers

    Emergency 5 dollar chibi Livestream!

    So, due to frustrating circumstances, I need to open up some emergency chibi's to make my rent payment. Chibi's are like so: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/3824808/ Streaming here!: http://www.livestream.com/featherheads My paypal is Raydart87@yahoo.com - I'll do these until I...
  5. FireFeathers

    Commission Special! Cars n' Avatars

    Spots are closed! What this commission includes!: Your character One of these cars (or a different one for an extra 3 USD, give me the chance to find a matchbox of it) A 8 1/2 x 11 print, shipped to you for free, worldwide. Why? Well, I need car practice. It will be done in the same style of...
  6. FireFeathers

    Chaos Badges 20 USD!

    These are 20 USD without lamination, 26 USD with lamination and clip. If you're going to AC, I can just give it to you there! Leave a message or shoot me a note to order!
  7. FireFeathers

    5 USD Chibi Sketch friday!

    The time's upon us again, folks! I've got this... thing. I can violent the shit out of something, but cutesying it up, chibiing it, is pretty much a foreign concept. I've chibi'd in the past when I couldn't draw, but now it's hard for me. So, these chibis will probably be FIVE dollars each...
  8. FireFeathers

    Mutagen Stickers, 1 dollar each!

    Each of these stickers are about 4 inches tall, free shipping if in the USA, and 1 USD for shipping anywhere else. Leave me a note here or click the paw to order!
  9. FireFeathers

    Full background of My choice Commissions

    These are full commissions, full color, with one character- the big catch here is that the background is entirely my choice. I'm not going to do something stupid for your character, jilt you on the interesting guff. I'm always interesting. lol. In comparison with regular full background full...
  10. FireFeathers

    TF auction, Originals, prints oh my!

    http://www.furbuy.com/seller/Firefeathers.html I'm also currently available for commissions as well.
  11. FireFeathers

    I'm just here to steal your womens.

    ...Even though i am a woman. and straight. I'm so confused. No, I'm here to make your arts. I've never actually posted anywhere but the black market thread and occasionally in art help. Uhh, from what i've seen in the last year or so on FA, i like it. Strange. Don't get me wrong. Tolerance...
  12. FireFeathers

    Cheapie Commissions

    Selling Cheapie Commissions! What this commission is: One character on a 5x7 cardstock choice of white, blue, green and yellow. This gets sent to you regardless: free shipping if within the USA, charges apply out of country. It'll be signed and dated, I can write you some love notes on the...
  13. FireFeathers

    9x 12 Sketchbook Commission!

    http://www.furbuy.com/auctions/1013173.html Ladder auction! Get anything from a regular pencil sketch to a paper-mache (think eric carl) style, shipping included to USA. Hopefully this will do well so I can get my family some christmas presents! Happy Auctioning!
  14. FireFeathers

    FireFeathers Secret Santa!

    I've been having plenty of talk with people looking to join the Secret Santa, Now in it's fourth year! How this works- You sign up. To sign up, send me a note, or reply in my journal with what character you'd like drawn, and what you can and can't draw yourself. Example: I wanna join, I'd...
  15. FireFeathers

    Custome Plush Commission!

    Auction ends in 8 days: http://www.furbuy.com/auctions/1011980.html\ if you've got any questions, ask them here.
  16. FireFeathers


    While i'm shutting down for digital work commissions, i'm still open for plush work! Plush bettas, I make 'em look just like your pet! : http://firefeathers.deviantart.com/art/Plush-Fish-parade-120844481 and http://firefeathers.deviantart.com/art/Betta-front-view-116355459 Simple bettas start...
  17. FireFeathers

    Single character rendered sale and Auctions!

    Selling an original and digital commissions, check out these auctions and help a brotha out! http://www.furbuy.com/auctions/1009851.html - My $20 single character full rendering auction! http://www.furbuy.com/auctions/1009852.html - My original, Lose yourself...