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  1. Cloudpuff The Pomeranian

    Request: Can someone draw this kitty for me?

    They are very playful and friendly Loves eating fish, chasing mice, and playing with yarn Their eyes are green and the color of their paws is the same color as their little nose Thank you!
  2. Cloudpuff The Pomeranian

    Request: Hii! I'm looking for more art for my Pikachu OC!

    I named him Cocoa because of his love for hot chocolate He also loves being in the snow and making snowmen Cocoa is a kind, friendly and cheerful little pikachu
  3. Cloudpuff The Pomeranian

    Request: New OC, can someone draw her please?

    She is a puppy named Peaches. Peaches is a very hyperactive and silly pup but when she needs to focus and be serious she will. She's very outgoing and is friendly towards others. Also, she is wearing a kimono if anyone wasn't sure.
  4. Cloudpuff The Pomeranian

    Request: Would anyone like to draw my newest character? She's a fox.

    I'd really love to have some cute art of my shy fluffy girl ! She is the type who isn't too got at conversating or responding, she's kinda shy, awkward and well anti social? Selene just loves doing what she's passionate about, that being drawing and painting pretty pieces of art. She's also a...
  5. Cloudpuff The Pomeranian

    Request: Can anyone draw my bunny please?

    She is Alcremie themed and I named her Strawbunny She's usually a little shy and hides often
  6. Cloudpuff The Pomeranian

    Art Trade: Art trades still open! Anyone interested?

    Here's some of my art examples! Feel free to send a reference of one of your OCs you'd like drawn!
  7. Cloudpuff The Pomeranian

    Request: Anyone willing to draw one of my bear OCs?

    This is Neapolitan She is a responsible older sister of Sundae She likes to read and bake sweets ------------------------- This is her little sister Sundae Sundae is still a child so she's often energetic and playful She loves to be creative and paint / draw ------------------------- This is...
  8. Cloudpuff The Pomeranian

    Free Art: Doing requests!

    Feel free to leave your character's reference here and I'll start working on drawing them for you! You may check my gallery for examples of my work https://www.furaffinity.net/user/cloudpuffpompom/
  9. Cloudpuff The Pomeranian

    Request: Anyone up to drawing a grumpy kitty boy?

    I named this little guy Raindrop He is the best friend of my pup OC, Cloudpuff He's usually calm and quiet, while Cloudpuff is the more energetic and playful one. Raindrop just likes to read and relax
  10. Cloudpuff The Pomeranian

    Request: Can someone please draw my Pikachu OC? Thank you! <3

    I named him Cocoa because of his love for hot chocolate He also loves being in the snow and making snowmen Cocoa is a kind, friendly and cheerful little pikachu Here's two images of him for reference:
  11. Cloudpuff The Pomeranian

    Art Trade: Anyone wanna do a little art trade? I have nothing else to do rn, keep me occupied <3

    I mainly draw cute fluffy creatures/animals but you're more than welcome to have me draw a feathered or scaley sona for my half of the trade! Here's my recent examples:
  12. Cloudpuff The Pomeranian

    Request: Hi! I finally got around to making myself a fursona! Would anyone like to draw her?

    So basically she's a pomeranian named Cloudpuff She mostly sleeps and is a lazy pup Cloudpuff just enjoys watching anime, drawing, reading comic books and manga She's a little fluffball who likes wearing cloud or sky themed clothing