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  1. Shouden

    Can authors write their own fanfic?

    I would argue yes, considering I've done it. But say J. K. Rowling wrote a story about Harry and Ron in a gay romance and posted it somewhere. It's not cannon or anything...just for fun. Would that be a fanfic? Or just a non-cannon story? To me, I would consider it fanfic. It's not cannon and...
  2. Shouden

    Cover Art for Book

    So, I'm getting ready to self publish a book and I need some really simple cover art done. I don't have the money for a commission, but I'd be willing to trade a story for cover art and/or give a portion of sales. Here's my idea: In big bold letters at the top we see the title: Cityscape...
  3. Shouden

    Blacksad #5: Amarillo

    The next issue of acclaimed series Blacksad is out. If you don't know what Blacksad is, it's a furry comic series illustrated by former Disney animator Juanjo Guarnido and written by Juan Diaz Canales. Originally released in French, the series caught the attention of Dark Horse Comics who has...
  4. Shouden

    Mixed Breed grammer

    Anyone know what the proper way to write a mix breed? Are the breeds hyphened like wolf-husky? Do you put a slash (wolf/husky) or what?
  5. Shouden

    Sex: A lesson in the art of using the five senses

    One thing that I was taught early on in my writing, is to try to use all the senses when describing something. And, I have found that sex is actually a great way to practice doing that. Good sex scenes use all the senses. There's always the obvious ones of site and sound, but there's much more...
  6. Shouden

    Video Game Idea "Displaced"

    I call it "Displaced" The premise is, about 100 years in the future, time travel has been invented, but the price for such inventions becomes too high when a mad man uses it to travel back in time to go on a killing spree using technology from his time. Where does he start? 1986. Fast forward...
  7. Shouden

    Bug/Site Problem: Phantom Message and SFW button doesn't work

    My account is telling me there's a message, but there's not. Also, my SFW button does nothing at the moment. Not sure if it's just me or everyone. Anyway, here's a pic of my message box and the Submission Message can still be seen in the corner:
  8. Shouden

    Expressing Embarrassment

    When writing humans, the typical blushing and turning of the head usually works pretty well for expressing that a character is embarrassed or flustered. However, with furry characters...blushing is a little harder, because, through their fur, you wouldn't be able to see them blushing. So, how...
  9. Shouden

    Creating Flesh: Building a Character 1: The Idea

    Alright, so I came up with this cool idea for a character and by day, she's a well mannered boss somewhere. She always dresses professionally: blouse, long sleeved jacket, long skirt or pants. She's the nicest boss, too, but she also doesn't put up with a lot of shit. But, when she gets home...
  10. Shouden

    Do you act out...

    Your action scenes? I sometimes do, I find it helps finalize a scene or maybe come up with something new. Maybe I act it out and decide it would be strange or too difficult for someone to do, and change it. But do any other writers here do it?
  11. Shouden

    But I'm nervous...(trouble with sex scenes)

    Right, so I've started on a sex scene for this novel I'm working on, and...I'm nervous. I don't know if it's because it's a hetero-sex scene or what? Anyone else get nervous when writing sex scenes?
  12. Shouden

    Darker than the Dark Knight

    I'm working on a novel that's going to turn out to be super dark. And my super, I mean, superheroes. A supervillain named Enyo (named after the Greek Goddess of War), has lead superhero Ultima (so called because she can choose any powers she wants making her the ultimate superhero) into a trap...
  13. Shouden

    Wii Drawing Tablet

    It's called UDraw but it's a tablet for the Wii. Anyone try this? If so, how is it?
  14. Shouden

    Anyone wanna draw my superhero?

    Really simple drawing, too. I really just want the line art. but here's the description of her: a black leather, full body suit with bright red stripes at the hips, on the shoulders and one around her snout. The suit also features red goggles for her eyes and clear sheaths on the back for her...
  15. Shouden

    What are a male and female mountain lion called?

    Seriously, usually these questions are answered by a quick search in google, but, I've gotten WAY too many answers or they talk about 40 somethin' sluts. I figured you guys would be able to answer this one quickly.
  16. Shouden

    Please Properly Rate Your Artwork

    It violates the AUP if you don't, anyway, so do it. Someone of us have the filter on because we use the internet in public places and would get in trouble for some of the stuff that makes it through the content filter simply because someone was too freakin' lazy or doesn't know what "Mature" and...
  17. Shouden

    Color coated characters

    Color coded characters Anyone else do this. I've only been doing for a single universe and only with a handful of my characters, but each of them has a different color that they usually wear on their bodies all the time. I have kinda done it subconsciously and am curious if I'm the only one who...
  18. Shouden

    Emotional Goodbyes

    Anyone else ever get all teary eyed when they go to kill off one of their long standing characters? Or is it just me?
  19. Shouden

    Homeless in Spokane

    I don't know what to do. I've checked into a homeless shelter, but.....I REALLY could use a nice warm bed and a friend and a job. I feel so helpless.
  20. Shouden

    AllFurFun 2012

    Alright, so AllFurFun in Spokane is returning in 2012. Registering at the forums is turning out to be a pain, and I figure I can talk about it here. I might go to this if time and money allow. I won't be in a suit or anything. Just me. Anyone else going?