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  1. marmelmm

    Main Site PostyBirb and Multiuploader Not Working on FA?

    I keep getting errors with both. Any suggestions? -MMM-
  2. marmelmm

    Main Site Is Furaffinity Extender Broken?

    It no longer seems to have the [Download Now] button, and the default view when clicking on a picture is fullsize rather than small size. Help? -MMM-
  3. marmelmm

    Pageviews: An Old Question...

    ...and I'm sure it's been asked many times before: How are pageviews/ page visits calculated? Can someone point me to the proper thread on the subject, please? Thanks! -MMM- (maddeningly close to 100,000 views)
  4. marmelmm

    Minigallery in Reverse?

    Is it just me, or has the minigallery started going right to left instead of left to right? Enquiring minds want to know!
  5. marmelmm

    How many people are on FA right now?

    Durned if I know, because that little bit in the footers seems to have vanished. Anyone know howcome? :) -MMM-
  6. marmelmm

    FurAffinity Downtime Explained!

    This top secret screenshot reveals all! -MMM-
  7. marmelmm

    I'm shocked. Shocked, I tell you.

    The announcement said that "FA will be down for an hour for database maintenance." An hour later, FA is back up! Surely, the end of the world is nigh... ;) Hoorah for the database guys! :D -MMM-
  8. marmelmm

    Not to be a noodge, or anything...

    But when are custom thumbnails returning to the browse and gallery functions? Enquiring minds want to know. ;D Love, -MMM-
  9. marmelmm

    Who has the most uploads on FA?

    Is there a way of finding out? -MMM-
  10. marmelmm

    Kudos to the FA Admin Team!

    Whatever you did, it worked great! FA is zipping right along! Nice work! -MMM-
  11. marmelmm

    Tags? Wha' hoppen?

    I had heard that tags were on their way out, but I was under the impression the old tags were going to be migrated to the keywords section. Is this gonna happen? I'm reading journals from folks unhappy 'cos their tags have just up and vanished... Personally, I've done some of my better...
  12. marmelmm

    Think I'm gonna wait a bit, myself.

    Before posting new pics, that is. Don't want 'em getting lost in the flood, don'chew know. ;) -MMM-
  13. marmelmm

    So...where ya getting yer furry fix?

    With FA down, where are you going to get your RDA of furry fun? I'm hanging out on Playmouse and FAP a bit, myself... -MMM-
  14. marmelmm

    Dragon/Wolf Generator Images Deleted?

    Okay, so Kayami has come up with dragon and wolf generators, here: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/kayami/ And apparently, folks have been posting their creations, and they've been promptly and summarily deleted, as mentioned here: http://www.furaffinity.net/journal/313032/...
  15. marmelmm

    Are you an eBay dealer?

    You may not be much longer... http://money.cnn.com/2008/01/31/smbusiness/ebay_fee_hike.fsb/index.htm Grrrr! :x
  16. marmelmm

    Now it can be told...

    The truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth behind the recent server outages. http://www.furaffinity.net/view/912690/ The truth hurts, but it must be told. -MMM- (with tongue very firmly in cheek)
  17. marmelmm

    Upload probs...

    FYI, I'm trying to upload ahrts and repeatedly getting a blank page after I browse for the image and hitting "Next". Even reloading gives no result. I daresay this is owing to some sort of overload from EVERYONE trying to upload ahrts at once, so I'll try again later. Just a heads-up...
  18. marmelmm

    Kernel Panic...

    Sorry. Had to do it. :D -MMM-
  19. marmelmm

    FA Hardware?

    I'm curious: What all is the hardware involved, here? Perhaps we could take up a collection, buy a backup server which could run whilst tinkering with the new stuff? Or am I being hopelessly obtuse? ;? Wouldn't be the first time. :D -MMM-
  20. marmelmm

    Ad rates?

    Say, what are the ad rates? Would it be cost effective, frixample, to put up a banner ad plugging my own FA page to build up pageviews? :D And why do I have the feeling that the metallic grinding noise I'm hearing is a can of worms opening? ;) -MMM-