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  1. Lexio

    Request: Anyone want to try drawing my fursona?

    Haven't been on here for ages XD Thanks in advance if you decide to have a go! www.furaffinity.net: Lexio Reference Sheet 3 (with actual detail) by Lexio_FrostPaw Hope yall enjoy! I dont mind if its full body, bust, chibi, realistic, whatever peaks your interest! go wild!
  2. Lexio

    Snakify My Fursona? #Snektember

    To celebrate snektember, I'd love to have a snake version of my fursona... the problem? I cant art... If anyone would like to try to snakify my fursona (or my scalsona if you want) Go ahead! Thank you if you can! My Fursona, Lexio My Scalesona, Nebula I dont mind how you make them look...
  3. Lexio

    Anyone wanna draw my fursona?

    I recently added more detail to my fursona, while they were plain white before, I decided to add some spots to them and I kinda like how they turned out! Im hoping for some sort of cute chibi art but honestly, I'd be extremely happy with whatever style you want if someone could draw him XD X3...
  4. Lexio

    Can someone please draw my scalesona?

    I made a new scalesona recently, but the only art I have of him is an edited template I used to create him... I'd love it if someone could draw him for me! (I just wish i had money to spend) :P Nebula is a purple pink and blue Leopard Gecko. Please use the colours in the pic below XD
  5. Lexio

    Lizard Needs A Name

    Hey guys! I've been feeling pretty scaly recently so decided to make myself a Scalesona... (is that how you spell it?) I havn't 100% nailed down the design details yet (especially as I used a template) but what I'm really stuck on right now is a name... Names Ive thought of include Ray, Lexio...
  6. Lexio

    I'm new... could someone draw my fursona?

    I've had a fursona for quite a while now but even though I can visualize him well, I can't seem to be able to draw him... I was hopeing someone would be kind enough to draw Lexio for me? Or maby make me a reference sheet or something for him? Lexio (or Lex) is a pure white arctic wolf with...