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  1. DingRawD

    Any NSFW Discord groups?

    I'm apart of a few Discord groups but most of them are primarily SFW only. I'm looking for some NSFW groups to be apart of!
  2. DingRawD

    Looking for help for my OC!

    Hi everyone, I'm looking for a bit of help with my OC. I'm not too sure why but I can only produce a headshot in this angle. I've tried to draw the character in different poses and it's just not worked out well. I was wondering if someone could help me practice if it's possible. Different facial...
  3. DingRawD

    Invite me to your Discord severs!

    Hey everyone, I would really like to connect more with others and I was looking for a place to spend time and chat with other furs. Link your Discord severs below or even add me if you like :)
  4. DingRawD

    Hey everyone! New to the forum

    Hey everyone, I've been on FurAffinity since 2012 but only recently I've started to contribute and explore more of the site because DeviantART has now changed!