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  1. Mataki

    (Commission) Selling: Mataki's commissions (20$+)

    Important information! PRICES: PORTRAIT/ICON (with shading and background) 30$+; REFERENCE SHEET (two views, two chibis, muzzle and information about the character) 85$+; FULL BODY (with shading and background) 60$+; HALF BODY (with shading and background) 45$+; FULL BODY (sketch/doodle) 20$+...
  2. Mataki

    Mat's commissions

    Hey there! I'm looking for people to commission me. I mostly draw canines but I also can draw reptiles. Feral/sfw/nsfw ! Prices can be found here: http://karomataki.deviantart.com/journal/Commissions-info-OPEN-627052656 I hope someone will be interested haha. Have a nice day!