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  1. fearlesstiger

    Free Art: Coloring lineart for free

    I've decided to open these again with hopes I have better luck. The main rules are that the characters in the request must be yours or you have permission, you must have color refs for all characters involves, and the only linework I'll be doing is tracing so no asking me to adjust a feature you...
  2. fearlesstiger

    Free Art: Closed

    Since it's been many months since the forums went down figured I'd make a new thread for my requests. The offer is simple, instead of the standard requests I only color sketches made by other artists for the requester. Though I doubt things will get too wild this time around I'm implementing a...
  3. fearlesstiger

    Coloring lineart for you free of charge

    I never really ended this offer since my last thread, I just don't like bumping a thread since that stuff rarely works. I recently got something in my inbox asking if I was coloring stuff so I figured instead of necroing the previous thread for this I'd just make a new one. I'm simply offering...
  4. fearlesstiger

    Free Art: Offering another service

    I already have a thread for coloring lineart for free but I wanted to add something new. I've decided that I'd like to help people with developing new characters. So if you know what you want the character to look like but can't get the color pallet to look right just let me know and we can...
  5. fearlesstiger

    Free Art: Got something that needs to be colored?

    I have all the time in the world and just decided to start coloring stuff for other people free of charge. So if you have any lineart that hasn't been colored or shaded lying around just drop it in the comments as well as a reference of the color pallet for the character or characters, I'll let...
  6. fearlesstiger

    Gatomon request

    So I got this picture done of my character transformed into a pregnant Gatomon a while back. I figure it's about time I had someone do a follow-up where she's laying her digi-eggs. Judging by the size of her belly there are probably a few in there or just one big one considering the size of the...
  7. fearlesstiger

    Looking for chakat artist

    I'd love to see my anthro tiger turned into a taur or chakat. I only have one good feral pictures for lower body reference so I'll leave most of the details up to the artist. www.furaffinity.net/view/24441413/ www.deviantart.com: Sitting Fear