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  1. volkinaxe

    trying to rotate screen raspberry pi 4

    i have the . txt but it`s blank ?
  2. volkinaxe

    all things Raspberry Pi

    just for all things Raspberry Pi works dam good for videos
  3. volkinaxe

    how to text on a how to text on a Raspberry Pi 4 7" " Touchscreen Display

    got my Raspberry Pi 4 b on a 7" " Touchscreen working good just don`t know how to tipe without a keybord
  4. volkinaxe

    getting a 3.5'' lcd touch screen on a raspberry pi 4 to work

    i also cannot get it to conet to the in ternet
  5. volkinaxe

    found this how do i found translation for it

    how do you do this is there an app or a web site for this text ? here is an copy of it
  6. volkinaxe

    looking for a snip & sketch alternative

    just so you know this is why i need a new one https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/all/snip-sketch-tool-not-working/a22f2fb6-7fc8-4a17-a83f-c3542d011cfb it needs to be EZ to use and have no water marks on it can not be a web browser extension one needs to be running on the pc and i...
  7. volkinaxe

    are manokit a closed species ?

    i have seen some say yes and some say no what is up with that ?
  8. volkinaxe

    new furry website anthrodex

    this is what it looks like it`s a bit like twitter but without all the BS
  9. volkinaxe

    looking to buy fursuit hand paws

    1 needs to ship to new zealand 2 needs to look something like this 3 will need to be mailed to a po box 4 will pay up to $100 nzd with pay pal 5 must be good quality ! 6 must be prmade
  10. volkinaxe

    were to get led name tag software download?

    just send me the link to the software download note i am using windows 10 as for the name tag it`s not bluetooth it it`s just USB
  11. volkinaxe

    soren is right about fandom

    it`s time to stop doing dumb stuff like saying XY or Z about someone just coz you don`t like them this video is what we need more of in the fandom
  12. volkinaxe

    tiktok is getting the ban hammer

    as we all know the app is getting band in some parts of the wold now if you use the app you may want to move your videos to youtube or some were for your fans can see it up to you if you do that with all that is going on it my be be a good move with what,s going on in china stay safe out...
  13. volkinaxe

    what do you think of SO FURRY

    just looking at websites as backups and no twitter is just dumb no hate if you use twitter all the bs that keeps going on is not good for mental health that`s all I have got to say
  14. volkinaxe

    the new youtube hack

    if you don`t know there is a new hack it using bots and I am lucky that some how got my one back here is some more info on it
  15. volkinaxe

    lruning to forgive & let go of hate

    it`s not EZ some times letting go it helps to talk about it my friend was playing this game here is one of them it made me him cry {go to 1:04:02}
  16. volkinaxe

    sub botting and how to know if a is using bots

    I was looking at my channel on social blade and then I looked at a channel that someone sed is using bots this what it looks like channel X ------ ---- --------- -------- my channel see how it go`s in 10s and 20s
  17. volkinaxe

    i may have got scamed

    the maker will not talk to me here is the the maker just keep your eyes on this one www.etsy.com: Custom Fursuit Hand Paws
  18. volkinaxe

    getting my first fursuit ^w^

    I am so fluffing happy I am getting my fursuit from KTS studios I will post up date pics of it wen I can
  19. volkinaxe

    discord nfsw & videos and all

    here is my discord Join the tj live Discord Server!