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  1. Mespeth

    (Base/YCH) Selling: Pride icons YCH [9/10] 35€/$43!

    Here are my special YCH icons for Pride! I'm a freelance LGBT+ artist, so let's celebrate this month with small business. These will be completed in June alongside my regular commissions. Only 1 slot left! Ordering form below! Google Form
  2. Mespeth

    (Base/YCH) Selling: Valentine's Day YCH (LAST DAY!). Telegram Sticker ($18), Drawing ($55)

    My Valentine's Day YCH are OPEN! >>Choose between two options or grab the bundle for a discounted price + an exclusive sticker *Guaranteed to be completed before Valentine's Day* Order trough: https://forms.gle/V2BufmFGY9sUESCW8 Want to see more? Follow my TG channel! T.me/mespeth_art
  3. Mespeth

    (Commission) Selling: Open Commissions SFW/NSFW ($8 - +$78)

    Hi! I'm Mespeth and I'm a proffesional illustrator who has been doing commissions for over two years. I've updated my prices recently and also made a personal website! Here is all that you need to know to commission me. I charge in EURO (€), here is an online convertor that will help you...
  4. Mespeth

    (Commission) Selling: [CLOSED] Semi realism painted portraits ($60) -SFW/NSFW

    Hi! I'm practicing my skill and paintovers, so I'm offering a new type of commission to be able to practice more! They come fairly cheap for now, but that will change. So, wanna help me improve AND get an artwork cheaper than usual? Thank you for considering me! Just 3 slots for now 60 USD...
  5. Mespeth

    Doing free sketches to warm up [CLOSED]

    Hi everyone! I usually warm up a bit sketching before actually getting to work and I thought it could actually be nice if some of you got some art of your characters! I'll do sketches, more or less refined and with or without color. I'll do the ones I'm feeling the most at the moment and upload...
  6. Mespeth

    Redesigning my fursona, opinions please!

    Hi everyone! Around one/two years ago I created my fursona, a NB hare named Lu. As I've grown more used to them I've also felt the need to redesign them so they actually look more like me, so I can feel more represented by them. Could you give me any opinions about the colors and design? Do you...
  7. Mespeth

    Traditional busts comissions - 10€/$12 [Shipping worldwide] [2/5]

    Hi you all fellow critters! I'm opening my traditional commissions again as they got quite popular in summer! Remember, any species, poses or emotions. One color to choose and completion in one to two weeks. ->All commissions paid beforehand via PayPal I do couples too! If you want one of...
  8. Mespeth

    HQ YCH! Floral themed [25$]

    Hey everyone! I'm kind of a new fur on the community, and even If I'm confident on my art I'm having some problems getting people to know me so if you would like to give me an opportunity, comission me or follow me on my FurAffinity account! If you are interested answer here or email me at...