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  1. FuzzyFoe

    Whats your favorite webcomic?

    I really like Beyond the Canopy. I think this comic deserves more attention than it gets. The art is really cute, and the protagonist is half plant half person. It has some furry characters as well.
  2. FuzzyFoe

    Cliché furries

    Thanks for the reassurance you guys. Continuing on-topic, I remember joining a virtual pets site called Chickensmoothie. The majority of the users who went on Chickensmoothie were furries, and they had a drawing program built into the website and you could post your drawings. There were a lot...
  3. FuzzyFoe

    Cliché furries

    Well shit. But as they say, it's alright to use a cliché'd concept as long as you take it in a different direction. I think I will still use Hellhound sometime in the future for my own series. Besides, it's not like he's my fursona. I do not think rats are very common. We definitely know that...
  4. FuzzyFoe

    Horrific fursuits (read OP)

    Some of these images you guys are posting are hilarious, but on the blog there are a lot of fursuits that actually look decent, and that upsets me.
  5. FuzzyFoe


    I don't talk much. Also I like to eat.
  6. FuzzyFoe

    What do you hate about the furry fandom?

    People who like to throw all their weird fetishes out in the open. I have them too, but I make sure nobody knows about them and they never see the light of day.
  7. FuzzyFoe

    Cliché furries

    The DeviantArt OC's with neon colors and armwarmers. Dear god. I think powers are alright as long as they have weaknesses to make up for them. My OC Hellhound can breathe fire, yes, but he is also weakened by holy water and cannot take someone's soul without a contract. I guess it may be...
  8. FuzzyFoe

    awsome fursuits

    I really like this one! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rH0pz2aRxIU
  9. FuzzyFoe

    Members by Species

    Ooo, add me, add me!! Username: FuzzyFoe Species: Rat Category: Rodent
  10. FuzzyFoe

    Do you ever feel wierd around your fursona's animal?

    Well that depends on the kind of rat.