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  1. gdzeek

    I need help finding materials ,( stretchy furs and 3/4" - 1" pile furs )

    I'm about to redo my old Body suit, so I'm looking into finding different furs I havent used before and am having trouble locating the first is stretchy fur, I hear talk about it all the time but I cant seem to find them, but I'm interested in finding some in Emerald, or a similar green...
  2. gdzeek

    Looking for unsual furs

    well maybe not all that unusual, but I'm about to redo my old Body suit, so I'm looking into finding different furs I havent used before and am having trouble locating the first is stretchy fur, I hear talk about it all the time but I cant seem to find them, but I'm interested in finding...
  3. gdzeek

    clean anatomy references

    Does anybody know a good website for getting good anatomy reference poses without butt naked people all over them?
  4. gdzeek

    Porn, a warning

    I dont intend to make enemies although I expect to be getting a lot of furs wishing we had that "bs this" button. anyway as a friend this is my warning, stay away from porn or atleast get out of it, it controls you and your desires, and gives unrealistic fantasies. which I know is wierd to...
  5. gdzeek

    Why all the Na'vi hate?

    I noticed a lot of furs on the forums hate avatar, I dont agree with everything in the movie, but i thought it was good overall. I especially liked the scene when he was in the Na'vi body and could walk again for the first time and being excited. heck I was jealous of having a tail. so yeah...
  6. gdzeek

    Looking to do my first art trade

    Hi there everyone, I need something new to draw and would like to know if anyone is interested in doing an art trade. I've never done one before so you may have to fill me in on what to do. I imagine its a two way request, so yeah. you can check my account for my work I like doing traditional...
  7. gdzeek

    3 furries go hunting for CanonFodder!

  8. gdzeek

    different languages

    I was just curious but how many different languages do people speak here on faf, since were worldwide its gotta be interesting to know. I know English and Spanish myself
  9. gdzeek

    computer geek furs needed

    (I thought there was a section, I must have missed it, please move to Bits and Bytes) Hello, apparently I'm not up to date with processers anymore. in your opinion which of these processors are better quality as examples: AMD Sempron m120 or AMD Turion II Dual core m520 I assume the Turion...
  10. gdzeek

    The Japanese are nuts

    I'm mostly trying to figure out how to put youtube videos on here. and if you havent seen this already its good for some lulz. <object width="640" height="385"><param name="movie" value="http://www.youtube.com/v/FlnQn4kVb-4&hl=en_US&fs=1&"></param><param name="allowFullScreen"...
  11. gdzeek

    Greatest moments in faf history

    Can you blame me? I'm a noob. anyway the discussion about whether or not faf is still fun or not is starting to drive me to commit the greatest sin possible, "another noob post in the den!", I want to hear what your favorite moments, quotes and threads never to be forgotten in the history...
  12. gdzeek

    need a new avatar

    I was reminded I need a new avater, mine is to small from being used on DA and apparently I'm banned for sexual harassment lol. anyway let me know what your prices are for avatars,
  13. gdzeek

    head construction

    does anyone know where some really good head construction tutorials are? I've seen a couple on youtube, but theres got to be more out there. then again I guess thats trade secrets. maybe some tips or tricks that people learned after doing a couple that make a big difference.
  14. gdzeek

    Zoid Models, gotta love em

    Does anyone happen to know where i can find old Zoid Models? I want a shadow fox but the handful on ebay are all $80 and up 0_0
  15. gdzeek

    Eyes eyes and eyes

    eh we need a new topic, what color are your eyes? and do you put the same color on your fursona? if not why did you pick a different color. does your fursona even have eyes? one eye? multiple eyes... whew I think thats everyone :D
  16. gdzeek

    Html or BBcode?

    Hi all, I was just curious about using html codes on FA. I recently tried to put a code in for an adoptable on my page but it didnt work,so do I need a different kind of coding or tags? are there sections designated for html or bbcodes? or should I just forget the whole idea D:
  17. gdzeek

    groups and clubs

    I've noticed some accounts on FA have been made into clubs, is there a list or someway of finding out what all groups and clubs are out there?
  18. gdzeek

    I'm Zeek, The Green Dragon, how are you?

    Heh, I've been on FA for a few months now, but now I'm lurking the forums. anyway I'm an easy going green dragon. My artwork isnt the greatest but thats what practice is for right? good to meet you all ;)