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  1. thesilvermist


    Hosting a raffle on FA you can view/enter here: www.furaffinity.net: FREE ART RAFFLE! [OPEN] -- thesilvermist's Journal Prize examples: www.furaffinity.net: IT'S RAFFLE TIME!!!! by thesilvermist do not post entries in this thread. if advertising a raffle on the fa site is not allowed on the...
  2. thesilvermist

    Have any artsits ever dealt with a commissioner who...

    I'm not a mean or hard- to-talk-to person, I try to communicate well with anyone that contacts me but sometimes.... Have any other artists dealt with potential commissioners who just can't communicate what they want? I'm not talking about language barriers.. I'm talking about someone who speaks...
  3. thesilvermist

    Halloween Themed, and Regular Icons start at $9

    I love Halloween so want to offer those, only have 2 examples (will update with more as I make them) so far but happy to do more and various themes-just let me know what you'd like, ghost, dullahan, mummy, gore, bloody zombies, voodoo, etc. Also happy yo do regular (non Halloween) icon...
  4. thesilvermist


    Closed will open new thread soon. No longer offering pwyw style commissions.
  5. thesilvermist

    Canine Adotpables + Holiday Re-fill Starting at $2

    Super cheap canine adoptable as well as holiday themed re-fill commissions are available starting at $2 , going up to $4 for fully customize species (dragon, reindeer, kangaroo etc). These are soft shaded and only HALF the price I usually charge so get them quick ^^. [Click here] to view...
  6. thesilvermist

    Digital Commissions

    COMMISSIONS ARE CURRENTLY CLOSED! Closing commission for a bit so locking thread down. Keep an eye on my FA page for a new journal to see when I have some openings or a possibly YCH or themed commissioned slots. I will re-open or remake this thread once I fully re-open commissions again...