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  1. FeralOne

    Any childfree folk here?

    I don't have any kids nor do I want any ever. I see no need to add to the human population and as for adopting, no thanks. I can't stand kids as I have zero patience to put up with them.
  2. FeralOne

    Anthro, Feral, Both?

    Feral only for me. I see no need to give my fursona's the features of a homosapien.
  3. FeralOne

    Anthros you find attractive

    Gazimon Black Beauty Mewtwo King Sombra Pegasusmon Dash Card Umbreon And ones of my own imagination.
  4. FeralOne

    Fursona Biology

    I do.
  5. FeralOne

    Choosing the Right "Essence" for your Fursona

    I have several fursonas. All of them representing some aspect of me. My primary, sona, however is still under development(she is not on display anywhere atm due to this). But I do know what she is at least. For several reasons, I decided an alien was the best choice as a sona for me. In creating...
  6. FeralOne

    Would you date/marry an anthro?

    Not as a human, no. Would love to have one as a friend though.
  7. FeralOne


  8. FeralOne

    Bored lol. What were the commissions for?

    Bored lol. What were the commissions for?
  9. FeralOne

    How are you?

    How are you?
  10. FeralOne


  11. FeralOne


    Thank you all. ^-^ Nice to meet you.
  12. FeralOne

    What have you submitted to FA recently?

    Painted this for fun. http://www.furaffinity.net/view/15173645/
  13. FeralOne


    Hello everybody. I be an aging furry at 28 and counting. I am not new to the furry community/fandom, but I have been out of the loop for a good while and decided to revisit. I am hoping to find someone to talk to. I don't really have any friends, except for two people who are always busy....so...