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  1. Kaeko

    Naughty Valentines Prepose Auction

    Nsfw: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/15558910/ It will be inked and coloured fully. Good luck!
  2. Kaeko

    [nsfw]YCH naughty femboi pinup

    https://www.furaffinity.net/view/14028650/ Traditional marker On very large bristol board!
  3. Kaeko

    Nsfw male genital riders

    https://www.furaffinity.net/view/14072652/ This is marker work not digital. Ends friday c:
  4. Kaeko

    cheap $10 single character commissions

    I get Sunday off work, which means I can draw more! Examples: https://www.furaffinity.net/gallery/kaespaws/ taking 3 for now. PayPal is iurshadow@aol.com 1. 2. 3. Form: Name: Ref link: Favorite colour:
  5. Kaeko

    announcing streams?

    Other than www.weasyl.com Where are y'all able to successfully announce you are having a stream? I've used Www.tigerdile.com last night. That was nice but no one really sticks around if they don't watch your fa account I have noticed. I'd like to communicate with my friends/followers to...
  6. Kaeko

    2 YCH wishes for new years

    One is +18 nsfw a 2 girl on 1 guy pose. The other is a star gazer! Both are traditional and end in a few days. Click http://www.furbuy.com/seller/Kaeko.html
  7. Kaeko

    Kae's journey toward better artwork!

    Even though I receive commissioners, I still strive to improve. There are many subjects in the art community I need to expand on. After lurking through some of these sketchbooks I have decided that I shall start one of my own to try and to find a way to improve! All criticism accepted! I...
  8. Kaeko

    Blacklisting Under Aged Characters in Pornographic material

    (before continuing, this is not a cub discussion...this is for the young teen characters of the fandom) Be it whether or not you draw or write stories, I think the staff should highly consider putting this into effect soon. Im normally very neutral and considerate of many aspects of artwork...
  9. Kaeko

    most users ever online at once!

    Most ever online was 4,689, Today at 12:55 PM. anyone else get a kick out of this? :3
  10. Kaeko

    100 $5 sketches

    >>>100 $5 full sketches<<< All the information is >>HERE<< All i need is your reference, and if you pay earlier, chances are you'll get your sketch faster. Art is done in "Batches." So once batch #1 is done, I move on to the next. EX: VORE/minicomic CUDDLY/slightly nfws((characters...
  11. Kaeko

    OC collaboration: SnowBall Fight

    I'm actually wanting to do at least a 3-4 person collab in OC and draw up a snowball fight. I want teams. lol. First I want to know who might be interested. Then art examples. and after I'll post the details and ideas. Need a fine colourists as well. ^^; my art examples from OC's...
  12. Kaeko

    Searching for OCers

    I've Oced with a lot of great artists! But I want to expand that priviledge? lol. is anyone interested in a collab of some sort? maybe a short session ^^ hamachi neccessary! i'm not gonna post any art, just check my gallery if your curious http://www.furaffinity.net/user/kaeko/...
  13. Kaeko

    Opinions on Comic layout

    alright so I have several comic layouts... I have penciled comic pages, (kinda messy, not lined up correctly and hard to see when scanned) http://kaekokino.deviantart.com/art/The-Cubs-pg2-77988418 I have blue ink sketch comics, (I can update quickly, scribble most the storyline and...
  14. Kaeko

    Pretty Kitty Kaeko

    OK, I lost my profile back in the days. So this is how it works! You ask me a question! And I provide the answer, through the answered questions, I shall build a new profile. Deal? Basics: Name: Kaeko Kino Age: 18 Species: Tiger Cat Hair: Maintained well, but messy, Dirty blonde...
  15. Kaeko

    The Official Couples Pic THread

    First off: I apologize if a thread like this was made already. However I havent spotted a recent one. Rules: Simple! Post pics of you and your (past) Lovers, current lovers, or maybe you and your wanna-be-lovers. However! it can't be just one character! MUST BE TWO! Together. Here's mine...
  16. Kaeko

    Fursona Shells! Limited Offer!

    Alright so Aperture and myself have decided to use the shells we got from the beach and sell them to you! The money will go specifically for FA:U!! It's $70 for us to get in together. We're volunteering to help set up the big convention, however we'll need money for the train tickets as well...
  17. Kaeko

    14 Furry volunteers?

    More Furry volunteers? CLOSED DONE!! REF PICS NEEDED FOR IT TO BE DONE! NOTHING COMPLETELY RIDICULOUS OR COMPLICATED!! I'm going for a group pic. They will most likely be in this kinda style, but sketch, and perhaps if i like it, i'll colour it...
  18. Kaeko

    absent and im sorry

    Alright, well..i had a bunch of requests in my thread..however..with the downage most links I can link to. o.o I had to get my password reset, because it wouldnt send me mine. However, I'm back, I'm on my way to attending The Art Insititute of Pittsburg- Online Division. Wish me luck! :3...
  19. Kaeko

    Simple Trades/Requests(on hold)

    nothing fancy, I bought me a tablet and still adjusting..hmmm.. Alright so I bought this tablet...so now i need to draw. simple doodle requests, no colour, no lineart, lol. ^^ trades are lovely, just sketch trades however..I'm here for another hour or so.... just gimme a reference and...
  20. Kaeko

    Need Help so Commissioning Cheap

    I hope this gets under way, alright, here's my boring sob story, skip it if you just want some art, lol. >< About a week ago, my mother told me that I have to find a place to live, reasons much to myself and very misunderstanding IMO. I left my 13 year old sister at home, for an hour at 1:00...