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  1. Tiarhlu

    I need emulator help

    So I finally just broke down and downloaded one. I've got Snes9x for Mac. How exactly does it work? Also where do I get games? I've been searching and keep coming up with dead links. Main thing I want to play is Earthbound but I'm not seeing it.
  2. Tiarhlu

    Back in action . . .allegedly

    Well, I took a little break, got a teaching assistant job, did a lot of reading, and had a Merry Christmas. I'm getting the itch to write again, and hopefully I'll have some new works in the coming weeks. Might try a Thursday prompt or two as well. Also, I'm happy to give a read over and...
  3. Tiarhlu

    Ever get burned out?

    I've been writing heavily the past few months, and I think I finally did it. I'm absolutely worn, like I just ran a few marathons and fell over right before the finish line. I've been reading a lot too. My head gets all fuzzy even thinking about it. So yeah, I apologize to everyone in that...
  4. Tiarhlu

    What things do you find difficult to write?

    We all have our stumbling blocks. What are yours? I always have trouble when a character needs to get from point A to point B, such as walking from one end of the block to the other. I'll generally be good for a sentence or two, and then get stuck. In the past I've gone into useless filler to...
  5. Tiarhlu

    World's smallest piano

    It's from Japan, that's all you need to know. I'm amazed that it actually works. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0XgIZSuZM7c&eurl=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.japantrendshop.com%2Fgrand-pianist-piano-sega-toys-p-33.html&feature=player_embedded
  6. Tiarhlu

    My thumb keeps getting inflamed.

    I'm in a jazz group here, and a few months we had a two hour show. Every since then, anytime I've picked up a guitar (I'm mainly a bass player) my thumb's started burning from the first knuckle all the way up to my wrist. I hoped some rest would help. We were out of town the past three weeks...
  7. Tiarhlu

    Are uploading .doc files really a problem?

    That's how I've always done it on FA. I haven't heard any complaints about it, but from reading around this forum, it seems like everyone's trying to do .txt. Any reasoning for that? I like to use the .doc files so I know that whatever my file looks like in Word, it's going to look like...
  8. Tiarhlu

    What are some ways to make a character sound Australian?

    I'm going to be writing a character that's from there, and I want to do my best to make him sound authentic without falling into stereotypes. I tend to not write out accents (unless it's something quick and simple like a "y'all.") What would be some common dialect differences between Australian...
  9. Tiarhlu

    I need advice for a new shading technique.

    Now that I have a tablet, I feel a bit more free to experiment and really want to improve the look of my shading. I use Photoshop 7. What I used to do was get a new layer (or more as needed) and set it to overlay, and then use various grays to darken or lighten the underlying color. That...
  10. Tiarhlu

    Odd laptop battery problems

    About a year ago I was using my laptop unplugged so I could watch TV and do some work (there's no TV in the computer room.) I'm typing away as the battery level starts dropping. So around 40% my laptop mysteriously shuts off. I was a bit confused (and angry since I hadn't saved my work in for a...
  11. Tiarhlu

    Where are all the good Wii games?

    Okay, I have: Brawl Twilight Princess Metroid Prime 3 Paper Mario Pokemon Battle Revolution Otherwise, what is there? Everytime I browse the games at any store I just see dumb party shit or gimicky shit, that even if I was interested in, I couldn't play properly because I have no one...
  12. Tiarhlu

    Wow, I just found a new Intuos3 6 x 11 for cheap.

    I don't know if they goofed up on the price, or if it was an unlisted clearance item or what, but I just picked one up for only $200 at my local Best Buy. The cheapest I've seen these things is around $330, and many are higher. I'm stoked. Only downside is I have to wait until my birthday in...
  13. Tiarhlu

    electric bass for sale

    It's a blue Dean Edge 5. Here are some pictures: http://i29.photobucket.com/albums/c270/pdmq/dean1.jpg http://i29.photobucket.com/albums/c270/pdmq/dean2.jpg http://i29.photobucket.com/albums/c270/pdmq/dean3.jpg http://i29.photobucket.com/albums/c270/pdmq/dean4.jpg It's only two years...
  14. Tiarhlu

    I have a wide screen. Do I need a wide tablet?

    Wide as in much wider than tall. I was looking at the 11 x 6 intuos because it seemed to fit the dimensions of my screen best, but I'd rather not spend that much money if I can avoid it. My laptop screen is about 13 x 8. My concern was that a tablet that was not as wide would lead to uneven...
  15. Tiarhlu

    Some bass amp questions

    I've got a small, 100 watt bass amp with a 12 inch speaker. It can put out a lot of sound for what it is, it's just not a great sound. It tends to be a bit soft and fuzzy, especially in the lower range. Now it works for what I've been doing. I'm playing in a 6 piece jazz combo, and in the...
  16. Tiarhlu

    I'm looking for a good reverb pedal.

    Any suggestions?
  17. Tiarhlu

    Does the recording industry have a bias for tenors?

    It seems like every time I hear a male singer in any mainstream band, or any male recording artist, he has a high voice. I keep wondering if this is just a coincidence, or if the record companies weed out the lower dudes like myself. On a related note, I don't think I've heard one baritone on...
  18. Tiarhlu

    Does Nintendo actually expect you to finish cruel brawl?

    On SSBB. I mean, what the hell? I've been trying this for hours and I'm so enraged from how impossible it is that I'm surprised I haven't broken the damn Wii or the TV yet. It's totally fucking impossible. I even tried the cheat method with jigglypuff. I'm not doing better than one. I hate...
  19. Tiarhlu

    How can I give my drawings more life?

    The best art to me feels like there's motion even though it's a still image. You can see what is happening before and after the scene. Anything I do always seems to come out very tight and stiff, almost like the character is being squeezed, suffocated. I've been drawing for about eight years...
  20. Tiarhlu

    Where are the affordable copies of Earthbound?

    I've been dying to play this game again the past few weeks. I haven't had it since about 1995. I'm looking around ebay and Amazon, and the best price I've found is $70. The worst has been near $200. What the hell?! I am not going to pay more than $25 for a USED, OLD game. It's total bull. I'm...