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    DEATH: Are You Afraid to Die? What type of after-life do you think you'll have?

    Death in itself shouldn't be feared, what with some connotation of peace. There are simply too many theories about death and the afterlife to actually give anyone any certainty. CrazyLee makes some good points. We cannot know the true existance of the world around us since we only experience a...
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    Your Top 5 Favorite Furry Video Game Character

    1)Bowser 2)The squirrels from Psychonauts that told Duncan to blow things up 3)Ratchet (ratchet and clank) 4)Yoshi 5)Blanca (Shadow Hearts 2, furry or not he has a great voice actor and dialogue)
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    Total Virtual Reality Immersion, Furry Style. Would you try it?

    I would try it, since it does sound interesting. Plus there would be so many opportunities to enjoy oneself. Limiting its use does seem logical though, since one might become jaded. As for the conceps of escapism and lucid dream comparison: Everyone needs a little escape, isn't that what some...
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    Best and worst of new Pokemon

    I just like Gothitelle the most. IT IS THE ONLY REASON I BOUGHT POKEMON BLACK! Vanilluxe, Mandibuzz, and Meloetta are awesome and I really like them too Cofagrigus and Sigilyph manage to look tastefully disturbing Elektross looks like a sex machine...
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    Artweaver - free drawing tool

    Thanks for the info, now all I need is a Tablet
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    Do I Creep You Out?

    pretty much, save for a few people I actually give a damn about, like accepting friends, etc.
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    DEATH: Are You Afraid to Die? What type of after-life do you think you'll have?

    Whatever happens, we'll know when we do die, despite our beliefs. But personally, I believe in heaven and God. Perhaps though, we will go to wherever we believe we'll go, or at least dream as such for eternity.
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    Do I Creep You Out?

    People who hate things for not being normal or accepted. Seriously, those people give me waking nightmares, those people are like cultists.
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    Hello People

    There, now you all get cookies, but they have prunes in them
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    Ah.. Hiyo...

    Welcome to FAF. Of course you can enjoy it here. We have Giant... uhhhh... stuff and..... cheese
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    Hello People

    Ill give you a cookie If you can figure out my secret riddle
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    Hello People

    Hello, I'm (Fairly) new to FA. Long time site visitor, first time Participant. I would like to start by saying: Nobody In Class Entered The Old Man's Entrail Encrusted Townhouse. Yesterday Only: Under All Lying Looneys I hope my experience meeting you all will be a pleasant one
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    Games you wondered why they where never continued

    Psychonauts. They left a perfectly good place for a sequel at the end of the first game anyway, but it all fairness, it it hard to top a macabre circus of meat.
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    Best underrated cartoons?

    Courage the Cowardly Dog. That was one of the best.
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    What pokemon would you be?

    I would have to be a Sceptile, I would always RP as any of the Treeko stages
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    The language thread for languages

    Re: The language thread for languages - A memorial to Corto Kto w s'wiecie ma prawde,, do mo'wienia nam kogo mozemy kochac'. To mil'os'c'! (I don't have a typewriter for polish letters)
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    Anyone getting a 3DS

    Definitely, KH3D FTW