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  1. Astus

    Community Image and Real Life Implications

    Not sure if this is the right place to post this; it refers the community but idk... Whatever >.> I have been saving up for a fursuit for a while now, and I am almost at the point where I am going to be able to start making preparations to buy one. My desire in getting a fursuit, is mainly a...
  2. Astus

    Looking for SFW, Semi Realistic Artist (Buget $25) (CLOSED)

    Hello, as posted above, I'm looking for a artist who draws in some sort of semi realistic style to do a SFW image with a very simple background. What I would like : a flat colored (or shaded) picture of my adult sona wearing a cloak, body facing away while he is looking back towards the...
  3. Astus

    Coin gifting advice?

    Yeah I know, go post on a coin collecting site... I'm too lazy to find a good one and filter through the responses.... anyways.... So my niece is going to be born in a couple of days, they're going to induce labor soon, and I realized I was a goof and forgot to get something for the kid. My...
  4. Astus

    Coin Collecting?

    More recently I've become more and more curious about collecting coins and things of that nature. What originally peaked my interest was when I was thirsty at school and I decided to go buy a drink in the soda machine. On the way over I took at look at my quarters, noticing a 1951 quarter that...
  5. Astus

    Give the User Above you a Superpower!

    Name of the game, give the user above you a superpower! Anything you want from the most lame (ex; ability to walk at the same pace) or something more epic (ex; ability to run at a more than quick pace!) Since there is no user above me, the nonexistent user has the ability to be nonexistent in...
  6. Astus

    Post Con Depression?

    Every time I've gone to a furry convention, I've always left the convention with a bit of post con depression, which by name is essentially getting depressed upon leaving the convention. Furscience has done a little research on it and basically attributes it to leaving a group which you feel...
  7. Astus

    Anyone Have Any Fursuit Maker Suggestions?

    I was looking around for possible makers to commission and I've seen a bunch of information on who is good to commission, who isn't, but much of the information I've seen here or elsewhere seems to either be a bit outdated or biased to some degree. Does anyone have any good experience with any...
  8. Astus

    Too Serious About Being a Furry

    PSA for all forum furs (and more specifically new furs/younger members) Im prerry sure there was a thread like this in the past... But yhe title of the thread says most of it; as of late I've seen some posts in which it was evident that members of the furry community seemed to be taking their...
  9. Astus

    Anthrocon 2016

    I'm surprised there isn't a thread about this already (or at least I couldn't find it) Who's going? Edit : the schedule for the con is up here Anthrocon 2016 Schedule
  10. Astus

    Astus Character Profile

    A nice little character reference for Astus C: Background/Personality : He first appeared as a character in a story i wrote called "A Fox Tail" as an antagonist to the main character, his brother, Lucifer. Essentially his mother fell in love with a man named Xavier, who was a long line of...
  11. Astus

    hiya all

    hello all, this guy has decided to show his face around here again.... sup
  12. Astus

    Hello ^.^

    Hello all, I'm obviously new to the forums and would like to extend a greeting to all. I have been a furry for quite awhile, but never really got 'out there' if you know what I mean ^.^. Most of the people I know think it is weird, so I haven't told any of my friends, even the closer ones; so...