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  1. Antonin Scalia

    "Earthlings"... a movie about Humans true nature to animals

    Might want to nws that cause it's brutal as hell
  2. Antonin Scalia

    The worst movie you've ever seen

    The Dark Knight, which was a horrible film. Also, Moon.
  3. Antonin Scalia

    Murrsuiters get event cancelled and possible full-life consequences

    People posting big care words on an internet forum getting mad. I can't wait.
  4. Antonin Scalia

    Heat wave

    The Block is Hot
  5. Antonin Scalia

    It started

    It's something I wouldn't wish on anyone
  6. Antonin Scalia

    "I haven't seen one attractive furry yet"

    Why the long fac- oh.
  7. Antonin Scalia

    I am now in love with cigars

    Cigars are very good
  8. Antonin Scalia

    What the fuck is wrong with people?

    new york is a shithole
  9. Antonin Scalia

    Hi! My name is Dawn, and my daughter Nikki is a fursuiter! :) Any other young furries

    Re: Hi! My name is Dawn, and my daughter Nikki is a fursuiter! :) Any other young fur Try giving your daughter drugs, maybe she will slowly slip into a narcotic oblivion, something better than exposing her to the kind of people that go to these conventions.
  10. Antonin Scalia

    What do you like the most in furry fandom?

    I like that I have found so many real friends. I have no friends. I am furrie
  11. Antonin Scalia

    Wrong Number Blues

    Sometimes I dial the secret number for 30% off Domino's Pizza and then the man who picks up the phone sounds like Joe Biden. I think the illuminati is behind all this, I once went to a Masonic temple and did not flush the toilet.
  12. Antonin Scalia

    What are your views on censorship?

    Censorship can only be A Good Thing, if someone wants to say h*ll on tv well they had better be bleeped (censor) because my kids are on the couch and that's not what they should be hearing while watching Judge Judy Brown. god bless
  13. Antonin Scalia

    "I haven't seen one attractive furry yet"

    Pretend every public event you go to is a masquerade: don your festive-colored fox mask and start touching yourself while chanting,"You can't seeeee meeeee."
  14. Antonin Scalia

    What work of art that has affected you the most as a human?

    Human, All Too Human The Universe in a Nutshell A People's History of the United States in that order
  15. Antonin Scalia

    Gaze Upon My Shitty Shit

    Dear furre friends, Please tear apart my crappy artwork. Point out flaws. Flame me. I don't care. The first The second Tell me what I am doing wrong
  16. Antonin Scalia

    Brilliant Beautiful Books

    The Old Testament gets pretty intense.
  17. Antonin Scalia

    RIAA demanded 'more than world GDP' in copyright conpensation