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  1. Aidy

    christ its been like 2 years

    seriously well im back, though i dont recognise like most of the names i see bar one or two oldfags, so shoutout to the oldschool fam, i see you anyway hi, for those that dont know me, i make video games, i test video games, and i review video games sup
  2. Aidy

    Super MNC invites

    So I got the invitational for Super Monday Night Combat, I got given 4 copies of it to give to friends. Anybody want a copy of it? It looks pretty fun, it'll be free when it comes out. I think it's kinda like TF2 in terms of classes but in an action show kinda setting, if you get what I mean...
  3. Aidy


    I don't want to bump the old topic, but good fuckin' news guys, STALKER 2 isn't cancelled. It's been resurrected :3c GSC stayed open and told everyone they're continuing work just before Christmas, still no release date and still not much info but at least it isn't dead and for that I am very...
  4. Aidy

    Goodbye, STALKER :c

    So, STALKER 2 is cancelled, meaning the series is now dead. It was confirmed by Dmitri Bourkovski (the head guy at GSC Gameworld) and GSC is also closing down. I dunno much about it, I read it in Eurogamer (http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2011-12-09-gsc-denies-stalker-2-cancelled-rumour)...
  5. Aidy

    GTA V

    http://www.rockstargames.com/ c: I hope R* aren't just bullshitting us, any idea where it'll be set? I'm guessing maybe LA/Hollywood, there were little hints that it'd be set somewhere near the coast so that's my guess. Maybe a parody of San Francisco (so it'll be San Andreas again). Maybe not...
  6. Aidy

    hi o.o

    I actually made this account on the fourms like, last year or something. I just completely forgot about it and remembered just now :< Anyway hai, I like to make things such as music and mods, I also do karting when I can and I'll hopefully compete in the UK karting championship sometime soon. I...