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    Oh my...

    Welcome to the Forums! I've moved your topic to the right location!
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    what if your fursona was your roommate?

    She'd probably eat all the grass outside the apartment then get startled whenever I came home
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    Can somemone please help me draw my Fursona?

    Whoops this thread is in the wrong location! I've moved it for you <3 The drawing is already an image! But if you want to get the size down or crop it to work more easily with the forums, I recommend using MS Paint or another low use editing tool!
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    $40 Shaded Feline YCH

    Admin bump due to delayed approval <3 Good luck!
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    gaming desktop how good is it

    (I'm just going to lock this while I can~ If the original poster would like this reopened please PM me~ <3)
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    Hi! Let me introduce myself.

    Hi! Welcome to the forums~ Glad to have you here!
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    NEW YCH! Animation/digital/pixel/NSFW art!

    Oh.. my god... its..so..cute... a-aaahh..~!
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    AAAAAAAAA HAI!! ♥♥♥♥

    I've moved your thread <3 Welcome to the forums Tayto!
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    Back finally, busy few months!

    Back finally, busy few months!
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    Hello !! I am luichemax....and i and work especially with furries.

    Moved this thread to the proper subforum! <3
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    Thank you for helping guide new members! It's greatly appreciated! <3 -Gazelle

    Thank you for helping guide new members! It's greatly appreciated! <3 -Gazelle
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    START HERE: The quick and easy guide to Art Sales and Auctions Threads!

    Hi there! If you're reading this, then you want to post a thread here to Art Sales and Auctions! That's awesome! The Art Sales and Auctions on FAF is a more personal approach (arguably) to getting requests and commissions filled, as well as offering and selling commissions to prospective...
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    help please

    Topic moved! <3
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    Vulpe's Art shop

    Hi! I'm moving this to the art exchange so it gets more traffic! When creating posts for art commissions, please be sure to use the Art Exchange subforum! <3
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    Have you ever been hypnotized?

    Hi yes hello this is mod I'm just gonna... lock this thread now <3 OP can message me to reopen if they have issue.
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    draw request

    Hello! There is already a thread for this, so I will be locking this thread. Main thread
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    I play on PC :3
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    overwatch great game. normally i'm playing D.Vr, Windowmaker, or Cyborg Green Ninja Dude. (real talk, love this game so much <3)
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    Range Ban The Chinese

    Ooooohhhhhhhhhhh... Ohhh... Oh.... For those of you joining us for the answer, we're working on further improving our spam filtering methods *thread locked*