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  1. Moderator-Gazelle

    START HERE: The quick and easy guide to Art Sales and Auctions Threads!

    Hi there! If you're reading this, then you want to post a thread here to Art Sales and Auctions! That's awesome! The Art Sales and Auctions on FAF is a more personal approach (arguably) to getting requests and commissions filled, as well as offering and selling commissions to prospective...
  2. Moderator-Gazelle

    Android vs iOS

    I'm starting this discussion. Android and iOS have their appeals for two generally similar, yet diverse markets. Android is generally used by more technically savvy people (unless you're samsung, then everyone uses samsung but I really don't count it as android because of all the lockup...
  3. Moderator-Gazelle

    FAF 2016 Guidebook: Tags!

    Quick Tips for FAFfing About I've noticed a lot of people make tags for their posts using hashtags, underscores, asterisks, and so on! Proper tags can have spaces in the keywords, but you seperate each tag by comma! If you separate the tags properly, it will look something like this:
  4. Moderator-Gazelle

    FAF 2016 Guidebook: Quick Reply!

    Quick tips for FAFfing about You can quickly add a snippet of text from a post by another user to your reply by highlighting the text and clicking the "Reply" button that shows up! You can do this an unlimited number of times per post and it can be different text every time!
  5. Moderator-Gazelle

    List of Conventions by Month

    I think having one list is pretty good. To that end, the folks over at WikiFur have a list that's pretty regularly updated! WikiFur
  6. Moderator-Gazelle

    So... Meet Moderator-Gazelle!

    Hi! I wanted to make this thread because I've gotten, like, eight PMs about being a robot and I refuse to disable my PMs. Kind of ironic since I'm anon I can't share much.. but I will share what I can and I want y'all to know that I really want to be involved with everything going on here at...
  7. Moderator-Gazelle

    FAF 2016 Guidebook: Mentioning!

    Quick tips for FAFing about Did y'all know you can mention people using the @ symbol? Once you start to type someone's username a box will appear with auto-complete suggestions! If you are mentioned in a thread, you will receive an alert similar to ones you receive for replies! An example...
  8. Moderator-Gazelle

    FAF 2016 Guidebook: Reporting!

    Quick tips for FAFing about With XenForo, at the bottom of every post is the ability to report said post to the moderation staff! Once reported, it's dropped into a queue for moderation staff to review, discuss, and resolve quickly and effectively. The queue is at the top of every page for...