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  1. Coffee Lion

    Does anyone else read Tooth and Claw???

    Thisssssssssss This right here>>>> Started reading it some time last year. A random buy at the local comic store and I got sucked in. Sadly moved from that fantastic little store, so no new issues for a while, I think I'm on issue 8 or something like that. It's an interesting story with...
  2. Coffee Lion

    $15 adoptables available

    Dragon adoptables $15 each~ 1. Owned by Sevenkalmia on Fur Affinity The other two are still open. If you wish to buy one you may comment in the thread, or comment here. I use PayPal~ Adoptable Rules
  3. Coffee Lion

    Are there any other Transformers IDW folks out there?

    I'm specifically referring to the More Than Meets The Eye series, since that's the one I'm most familiar with. But open to discuss any of the other series, because I plan on collecting them all eventually. Even those super cheesy, old Transformers Marvel comics. xD They are pretty special in...
  4. Coffee Lion

    Any other traditional artists out there?

    A call out to those few traditional artists within this wide sea of digital artists. :'D As much as I love digital artwork, I've always been one for traditional medias. I love the feeling of physical paints and inks. :D Most of the people around me are digital artists. I enjoy discussing and...
  5. Coffee Lion

    Hello there :>

    Hello all, call me Kat. :> I am a gray lioness who drinks way too much coffee. I've had a fur affinity account for a couple years, and now decided to join the forums and explore the community a bit more, and make some new friends~ Been a part of the fandom for a relatively short while, though...