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  1. wonke0

    (Commission) Selling: PRIDE ID CARD YCH (25usd)

    Hello! I'm opening this YCH for Pride Month! You can choose the background colors, your infos and flags! Open for furries, humans and whatever more! Payment via Paypal only 100% upfront won won COMMISSIONS (@wonwwwon) / Twitter Userpage of wonke0 -- Fur Affinity [dot] net Telegram channel -...
  2. wonke0

    (Commission) Selling: Baby fur commissions! 25$+

    Hiya! I'm here to offer cute baby fur version of your ocs! Each baby fur piece is 25 USD, it can also include small objects and flat colored background! +10$ for each additional char on scene +20$ to 50$ for backgrounds, depending on the complexity! You can check all my commission...
  3. wonke0

    (Commission) Selling: Emergency HEADSHOT (start at 20USD)!

    Open for headshot commissions (just like at the image) Depending on the complexity of the painting the price can change! Background are not included Payment via paypal or ko-fi
  4. wonke0

    Free Art: Taking requests!

    I'm new here and need stuff to fill my portfolio so please send me your ocs Closing to 5 requests for now I accept any kind of stuff (including NSFW/gore if you're 18+)