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  1. DerpyDooReviews

    Looking for a writer

    Hello there everyone! I'm looking for someone who would be willing to work with me on a comic. I'm not well known, nor do I have much money so I thought if someone else was in the same position as me but was a writer then perhaps they would like to work on something that could potentially get...
  2. DerpyDooReviews

    Remaking my old comic

    When I was 12 I drew a comic in school, I had recently found out what a furry was and was already really into Sonic the hedgehog so I started designing my own characters. These characters have stuck with me ever since though they have undergone a few changes, most noteably they aren't sonic OCs...
  3. DerpyDooReviews

    Doing some doodles to practice

    I know this sort of thing tends to attract a lot of attention so I'm going say right away that I won't be able to get through everyone. Please don't be upset if I don't get around to drawing your idea. I want to practice poses and angles, from SFW to NSFW anything helps. If you are going to...
  4. DerpyDooReviews

    anyone want to do a collab?

    we each drawn half a picture and then put it together! for example: i draw my character with my hand infront of me, you draw your character doing the same, when it's put together they are high fiving! Two worlds connect... two art styles mingle. i haven't done this before so i have no visual...
  5. DerpyDooReviews

    need small fursuit.

    i allready have a fursuit but it's a bit big for most places... so i need a smaller one. the arms and tails i allready have will be fine for my new one but i will need a head and feetpaws... maybe a bodysuit i don't know yet. i live in the UK and would prefer it if the designer was in the UK...
  6. DerpyDooReviews

    MLP and Furry portraits!

    while i practice with bodies and muscles i thought i would at least try and get some work done for headshots and MLP pictures. the mlp ones can be in full body since i can draw those. Examples: Prices sketched: $5 lined: $10 flat colour (sketch): $10 flat colour (Lined): $12 fully...