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  1. Yarik

    Drgonic Brute (Taur) Character Design Auction

    This guy is up for sale. It's a unique design (No recolor/no lineart reusage!) The starting bid is 30€ (35$) and the auction runs until Sunday, 22nd of October at 9 pm UTC. Please check the FurAffinity page for further details: www.furaffinity.net: [OPEN] Dragonic Brute - Adoptable character...
  2. Yarik

    Reference Sheets & Scenes (Open)

    Hello all! I'm offering Commissions budgets of many kinds. Pretty much everything "full" you find in my gallery is 50€ but there can be done cuts to lower the costs. (Look up the flexible options!) You can also find all the pricing information you need on my FA commission-tab. If you're using...
  3. Yarik

    Free art VS Commission reputation

    Hay! I'm currently stuck in a dilemma and think it might also be of interest to other new/unpopular/unknown artists: People (especially experienced artist friends) mostly advertise for themselves with personal art and say you shouldn't offer too much* free art as it ruins your reputation for...